Trusting the Flow of Money & Abundance

Abundance is something that is available to us at any moment. Money can be greatly associated with abundance because with money, we can make decisions more easily. However, money is neutral. It’s just energy. 

Sometimes to move to the next level of our capacity to receive money, we have to trust that when we spend it, it will come back. Scarcity says that it is gone forever, that it’s limited. Abundance says, it’s will come back bc it’s infinite.

When you follow the inspiration, the flow of your energy, and expansion in its way of leading you, synchronicity happens. This expansive energy is where YES is. It’s where flow and abundance live. Do you trust yourself when your expand? It may feel scary when we expand but if we let fear hold us back, then we can’t ever reach our next upper limit. 

Why wouldn’t the universe support you in what u really want? What belief may be being held that prevents you from trusting the flow of where desire leads you? 

It’s worth noting the distinction from desire at the mental level and at the heart level. Desire at the mental level can be what we think we want, and can often include fear in the form of scarcity (there’s not enough). Desire at the heart level can be what we truly want, and can often include fear in the form of excitement (trusting there is enough). Can you trust that if you have the desire you have in your heart, that it is there so that it may be filled?

Every time I’ve put it out there as to what I want, I found the money for it. It literally showed up at my door in unexpected places. Every time I wanted more money, it just didn’t seem to come, and I think this is bc money is energy, not desire. If we desire money, it’s like saying, I want energy. Well, you already have energy, so what do you want to do with it? Do u feel me?

Essentially, money doesn’t come if we want it. It manifests when we really feel and follow what we want to do with it. Following the flow of where energy leads us is trusting life. It’s trusting that even if money comes and goes, just like energy, it will be back. In fact, financial abundance shows up finally when we have a clarity of what we truly want. We just have to … t r u s t.


Currently, I’m offering a special session for exploring your Astrological natal chart: Astrology, Money, and Sacred Design. Feel free to reach DM me of your interested. Here’s some more info about it:

From an astrological perspective, to catalyze greater prosperity with money, we must initiate a creative partnership with life in which the actual chi/energy of the material plane can flow through our integrity (Saturn) and beliefs (Jupiter) that pair with action (Mars) and our values (Venus). 

To allow money to flow more powerfully into our lives, we must embrace a deeper receivership with unconditional love in life–by expanding our capacity to give/receive love unconditionally. This journey of self-love can come with challenges based on the higher purpose that is wishing to emanate from our hearts (Sun). As we align with our true values, live more expansively from this place (inside-out), and embrace the specific challenges of our life that are bringing us into more love, money begins to show up and reflect the value we’ve cultivated within.

Money wounds are connected to our wound with mother (Moon) and spirit (Pluto), as money is often sought to provide the nurturance, security, or sustenance that we may not have received as children. We often can wish money to “show up” or be there for us when we need it most. 

In this unique Astrological Consultation, you’ll explore your soul’s unique money blueprint through Venus, the 2nd/8th House, Taurus/Scorpio, and the interplay of Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, & Saturn.

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