Kinan has been selected as the Winner for the 2022 Best of Aurora Awards in the category of Astrologer. The Aurora Award Program purpose to support and offer public recognition of the contributions of businesses and organizations in and around Aurora.

"Kinan is amazing! Such a beautiful, thoughtful, engaging and kind soul. I've been studying astrology for some years and wanted someone to take my knowledge deeper. Kinan did just that. There are already so many beautiful teachings and I can't wait to re-watch and dive in the beautiful resources he shared. Thank you Kinan for sharing your wisdom. It was such a treat!"
Carley Klekas, San Francisco, California
Principal of Product Sustainability, Sephora
"My work with Kinan has been incredibly helpful on my healing journey. Kinan has a soulful and skilled way of lovingly sharing truth that has the power to shift old limiting patterns and create space for reaching one's potential. An awesome blend of heart based intuition and genius knowledge/training. I am so grateful for him."
Sophie Wolfe, Denver, Colorado
Founder, Rooted Rhythm Therapy & Coaching
"Kinan is one of the best bodyworkers in the western United States. I know, because I am a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist myself, and I wait months between sessions with Kinan because we are in different states. He is one of a very small handful of practitioners who truly listens with his hands, while leaving his heart and mind open to God/The Divine. I’m deeply grateful for each opportunity I have to get on his table. 🙏🏼"
Rhiannon Henry, L.Ac., San Diego, California
Acupuncturist & Master of TCM
"Thank you Kinan! I'm so grateful for your knowledge and patience explaining new concepts to me. To be blunt, I'm completely blown away and extremely grateful! The insight I've received goes so far beyond "coincidental", I can't even express to you the value of what I've learned. I'm glad I did multiple sessions with you. With each new gathering we dug deeper, from more perspectives, which revealed considerations that I've felt intuitively for much of my life. My time with you has made me so much more confident in my path. It's as if a new light illuminates my way. Thank you! 👌💙🙏"
Nathan Hildreth, Boulder, Colorado
Founder & CEO, FLUO
“Working with Kinan in just one session helped me reframe my views on some of my major relationship dynamics. We took very negative and resentful views I had toward another person and shifted them to see the positive from something that is typically seen as negative. I saw how this supposed negative thing has actually served me, the relationship, and many others around the relationship. Shifting my view and all the resentment I held onto allowed me to see the gifts that have actually empowered me. The weight of the negative energy surrounding this relationship has been lifted and I feel lighter. I feel like my mind has been freed from the shame, guilt and resentment story I was telling.”
Harmony Bishop
Commercial Sales Rep
"If I can select 10 stars ... I will!! Kinan is a light being who knows what your body and soul needs and he knows what to do to get there!!! Best bodywork ever! That integrated with his vision of healthy body and positive and lovely vibration ... awww couldn’t be better! Absolutely recommended, no doubt about it. He changed my life, my body and everything that will come in the future. My love and appreciation to you, Kinan💫 Thank you 🙏🏻☺️"
Anabella Aguilar, Miami, Florida
Owner & Founder, Anabella M.O.N.E.Y.
"I had always wanted to have someone perform an astrological reading for me, and I'm so glad that I chose to have my first reading with Kinan. He did such a great job of explaining how readings worked and gave pointers for how to prepare for them. He possesses a wealth of knowledge and shared so many mind-blowing insights with me involving my reading. Thank you, Kinan! I can't wait to learn more!"
Gabrielle Procell, Denver, Colorado
Head of Communications, Develop Denver
"Wow! Thank you Kinan for this epic and powerful session. YOU ARE EPIC & POWERFUL. Your words were healing for my soul and your presence is extremely transformative as well. Your session helped me land in the next level of Soul Freedom <3 I am truly grateful for the life you lead and the man you are. I am knowing for you that all souls who can benefit from your offerings find you on the way to creating a World of True Beauty, Freedom and Magic. Next time I come around I want the full package with bodywork - to all who are looking at your offerings...may they choose the fullness of what is available to them for deep, profound, lasting and mind blowing ecstatic goodness!!!"
Ashley Burnell, Peru, New York
"I've attended a few of Kinan's workshops now and really appreciate his style of teaching. He is great and sharing information that is tricky to explain. I have also done a short reading with Kinan and excited to dive into a longer reading soon I hope! He has a wonderful way of connecting with you and explaining how what shows up on your Natal Chart applies to you and how you can integrate it into your life! Thanks Kinan!"
Clarissa Thompson, Spearfish South Dakota
Yoga & Sound Facilitator
"Kinan's calm and inviting presence is so welcoming, you can really feel his energy. He did an astrology reading for me that was fascinating and really helpful. I enjoyed the way he articulated his words while explaining all the different facets of my chart, highly recommend utilizing his services!"
Alex Curry, Fort Collins, Colorado
Founder & Video Producer, EXYST Media
"First and foremost it's always about the practitioner. He has a kind calmness that made me feel recived and comfortable. Second the product, wholy wow. I love his integrative approach, not only did it unlock understandings it also was validation as to some areas my body has been trying to talk to me about. This is one of those things that you put on your self care calendar."
Raya Hooker, Denver, Colorado
Birth & Death Doula
"My reading with Kinan was incredible. He was patient and informative, and gave me so much insight to what we were looking at and why. He was totally professional but really felt like a dear friend. It was such a beautiful experience of of reflection and affirmation. I feel much more connected to myself and the universe. Time flew by, I’m really looking forward to more."
"My first experience working with Kinan was magical and transformative. It lead to a handful of transcending experiences. He truly has healing hands that helped move stagnant energy in my body, and as a feminine receiving from the masculine, I felt completely safe in his embrace. I had the privilege of being guided by Kinan in a past life regression. I have never dropped in so quickly. We both were seeing the same thing as we dove deeper into the story line and meaning. After the experience Kinan helped me process and integrate the lessons into my life causing a huge life path shift. I am so grateful for Kinan’s gifts and excited to recommend him to others and work with him again in the future."
"I am fairly new to astrology and had some questions. Kinan was very helpful walking me through some of the concepts involved. I really appreciated his guidance and intuition, especially because it came at a time in my life where I needed some additional guidance. His words gave me comfort and helped me identify several patterns to move into a more aligned path in my journey. Thanks Kinan!"
Brad Brooks, Salt Lake City, Utah
Developer, Rain Focus
"Kinan is simply brilliant in the way he makes a reading super understandable and his overall energy is very peaceful and grounding. Working with Kinan has brought me an incredible amount of clarity in my life. He is a kind and knowledgeable coach who really works with you to get to the answers and healing you are searching for. He also did some hands on energy work that really significantly shifted some old patterns. I have and will continue to recommend his services to everyone I know and meet."
Denise Uhlig, Denver, Colorado
Life Coach & Bodyworker
"Kinan is so intuitive, gentle and special to work with. He’s helped me to understand some of the pillars of who I am and what my souls intent is in this incarnation, guiding me to nurture the gifts have to offer. It would serve your soul to work with him! I’ve worked with other astrologers in the past , but his intuitive nature and gentleness really is the distinction here ... really helped me to feel my relationship to the stars in a way that I hadn’t been able to access for myself in the past ❤️Thank you, Kinan"
Kate Pierce, Denver, Colorado
Independent Distributor, SeneGence
“I started working with Kinan when I was in so much pain from tendonitis that I couldn’t get through the day without painkillers, icing and wrapping my arms. He was able to work through the tissue and bring me to a place where I was no longer in pain. I still believe he was the only reason I did not have to have surgery. I’ve worked with other body workers and never felt like I got what I needed. Kinan is incredibly intuitive. He understands the mechanics of human anatomy and is able to help the body to heal itself. He has a very peaceful presence and every time I’ve worked with him I leave lighter, more centered. I have had great results and relief from pain. I would absolutely recommend him.”
Kris Foss, Denver, Colorado
Software Engineer
"I appreciate Kinan's Knowledge and his ability to relate many modalities into understanding how I show up in the world. Kinan's bedside manner is outstanding. I recommend his Astrological knowledge and bodywork highly."
Andre Simoneau, Longmont, Colorado
Financial Preservationist & Speaker
“Kinan’s coaching was thorough and very applicable to my life. He was able to highlight some themes that have been coming up for me and suggest some innovative ways to work with them. His professional, gentle, and compassionate way of coaching made him a pleasure to work with. Kinan is a gifted and intuitive coach!”
Krystel Mairs, Denver, Colorado
Art Therapist & Counselor
"Thank you for the three series astrology sessions. One built upon another as you unraveled the useable knowledge that I can now use to make all future choices available to me. My path has a new light shining upon it thanks to you."
Nancy Foss, Boulder, Colorado
Director, Coach & Consultant, The Natural Body Shop
“As soon as we started talking, I felt an ease and connection. Being completely oblivious to the depth to astrology, I never felt like it was over my head. With every description of a part of my chart, I felt a trigger. Some were small but a few were huge. An explanation to something deep inside me that I couldn't explain or pin point. It was a relief to have a reason/ explanation for some deep seeded struggles and questions. I was able to come to a place of breaking through some heavy doubt and blocked emotions. I'm truly grateful for our time and feel honored to have experience Kinan's gifts.”
Erin Waynick, Denver, Colorado
“I was intrigued with Kinan’s insightful ability to read astrological charts and saw him with my partner for a couple's reading. He embraces his intuition, combined with his strong knowledge of astrology and human nature, to bring forth a very accurate and in-depth reading. Kinan read our individual charts and then our combined chart, which provided information of great beauty and awareness for us separately and as a couple. We appreciated his confident approach to delivering areas of both strengths and areas of challenge with clarity and compassion. We are very grateful to have had this opportunity and experience. Thank you Kinan!!!”
Kevin Lockwood, Denver, Colorado
Intentional Journey Coach
“Kinan is truly an amazing healer! I have received two healing sessions with him and both times have experienced deep rejuvenation in my body and spirit. He is gifted with a gentle and tender heart that manifests through his healing hands and words. If you’re experiencing physical or mental discomfort or are in need of any healing work at all, I highly recommend Kinan’s wonderful work to soothe you back to health!”
Pneuma Kaeris, Denver, Colorado
Transformational Coach & Healer
"Kinan has so much wisdom and he delivers it in such a gentle and relatable way. In addition to his knowledge, his energy feels so aligned - it’s truly nourishing to my soul to work with him. I would absolutely recommend working with Kinan."
Andrea Petroske, Jacksonhole, Wyoming
Human Design Analyst
"Kinan has the ability like no other to truly connect the dots for one’s life journey. Personally, he has guided me to reveal the benefits of the "shit" in my life. He has skillfully attuned a conscious state of joy in me with understanding my own truths. These truths are ones in which I've been able to begin to see for the first time. They are patterns in my life my parents presented to me at a young age that shaped me in positive ways I've never seen before. Since our work together, I've been able to again believe in my own power, nourish my deep wounds and relinquish a deep joy to my newfound awakened state. Merci Kinan!"
Monique V. Hieserich, Golden, Colorado
Yoga Instructor & Aesthetician
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