Coaching you to see & embody your true essence through soul alchemy

What do you truly want to create?

Do you dream of clarifying a higher calling? Do you long to live congruently with your soul's evolutionary path but don't know where to start?

Embodying your soul purpose and energetic type can be challenging!

– Mainstream society is removed from rite’s of passage;
– Society does not typically encourage connecting to a soul’s higher calling;
– Business or career commitments demand time away away from passions;
– Patterns and programs we’ve picked up over the years can be self-sabotaging;
– Juggling a busy life while starting a side hustle is stressful!
– You need support and guidance navigating liminal space 
– It can feel overwhelming to leave a high-paying career to live more connected to your heart’s truth;

Kinan has the experience and knowledge to help you overcome these challenges to support your capacity to bring forth your optimal creative potential.

Through years of training and practice in meditation, yoga, somatic psychology, therapeutic energy and bodywork, life coaching, astrology, and experience with psychedelic facilitation in intimate community contexts, Kinan has developed a coaching package that resources from ancient and modern transformational contexts to help you see and live congruently with your most essential and highest self–KENSHO Coaching.

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See what clients have to say

"Kinan has the ability like no other to truly connect the dots for one’s life journey. Personally, he has guided me to reveal the benefits of the "shit" in my life. He has skillfully attuned a conscious state of joy in me with understanding my own truths. These truths are ones in which I've been able to begin to see for the first time. They are patterns in my life my parents presented to me at a young age that shaped me in positive ways I've never seen before. Since our work together, I've been able to again believe in my own power, nourish my deep wounds and relinquish a deep joy to my newfound awakened state. Merci Kinan!"
Monique V. Hieserich
Yoga Instructor
"Kinan is a very aware individual as a result of all of the inner work he has done on himself. Kinan has the ability to see the larger picture for his clients and help them to connect the dots which gives them the inspiration for great change."
Will C. Etheridge
Human Behavior Specialist
"Working with Kinan has brought me an incredible amount of clarity in my life. He is a kind and knowledgeable coach who really works with you to get to the answers and healing you are searching for. He also did some hands on energy work that really significantly shifted some old patterns. I have and will continue to recommend his services to everyone I know and meet."
Denise Uhlig
Life Coach

Ask me about...

  • Telos Discovery
  • Quantum Collapse Process
  • Belief Re-calibration
  • Brainwave Entrainment
  • Behavioral Kinesiology
  • Evolutionary Astrology
  • Inner-Child Integration
  • Past-Life Healing

Soul Alchemy involves...

- mapping out a blueprint or structure for navigating and embodying an intentional, heart-open, and empowered state of becoming, in which the process of creating your life is smooth, wholesome, optimal, and connected to your soul's essence.

- getting clear about what is truly most important to you. It is gaining valuable tools and skills for living with greater clarity, meaning and vitality. It is living stress-free with emotional intelligence.

- balancing and working with polarities in perception, feeling, emotion. It is energetic empowerment work.  It is navigating the shadow, healing inner-child, reclaiming fragmented parts of the self, & deeply surrendering to your higher self. 

- about customizing a path to greater life satisfaction, fulfillment, and using that map to navigate your life confidently with a sense of inner security by intentionally creating from your relational field.

Conscious & Optimal Living

True transformation is a the conscious, intentional embrace of change, a journey of Self-discovery, and way of replacing outdated, limited patterns with enlivened, creative energy. Stress-free states occur more often as a result of addressing the core desires of your higher self, listening to your body’s intelligence, and implementing tools to navigate through any obstacles that might block an alignment of body, heart, mind, & spirit.


Your relational field is the means in which you relate and connect to self, others, and your environment. Being open to what emerges at each moment is critical. Let’s explore possibilities and practical paths to discovering your gifts, removing blocks, & deepening relationships.


Consciousness is applied awareness. By becoming attuned to what’s present in your experiences, we can make choices together based on the most immediately impactful path to wholeness. We’ll explore pathways to authenticity, purpose, & conscious living.


Receive assistance in digesting, assimilating, and embodying all of the energies of your highest capacity, while also processing your feelings, releasing attachments to the past, and truly bringing your mind, body, heart, and soul into fully embodied alignment.


Let's dive in. All questions and inquiries are welcome.

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Embody your potential.

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