Human potential is a state of empowered presence, creative orientation, & congruent thoughts, emotions, & feelings.

The opposite of fear is creation.

There is no magic pill, quick fix, or shortcut to discovering the life path that most enlivens you. However, aiming to liberate and free yourself from constrains will only be a hindrance. To experience the life you truly want and uncover a deeper thread of meaning at each moment of becoming, you must not liberate yourself but willingly create yourself. This requires a strengthening of the will.

Without a sense of your greatest WHY, thriving spiritually, socially, familialy, financially, mentally, vocationally, and physically can feel like a huge challenge. But if you discover and begin living from your authentic values, every area of life begins to light up. Health persists. Vitality emerges. A great fountain of youth presents itself in which you can perpetually draw from seemingly out of thin air. My intention is to help you find that [fingerprint-specific genius].

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Transformation is conscious change.

Living Stress-Free

True transformation is a the conscious, intentional embrace of change, a journey of discovery, and way of replacing outdated, limited patterns with enlivened, creative energy. Stress-free states occur more often as a result of addressing the core desires of your higher self, listening to your body’s intelligence, and implementing tools to navigate through any obstacles that might block an alignment of body, heart, mind, & spirit.


Let’s meet face to face initially to determine if we are a good fit for each other. Let’s connect and be open to what emerges and where our collective energy takes us. Let’s explore possibilities and practical paths to discovering your gifts, removing blocks, & deeping relationships.


Consciousness is how you create your reality. By becoming attuned to what’s present in your experiences, we can make choices together based on the most immediately impactful path to wholeness. You may choose to express more authentically, connect to your soul’s mission, or handle relationship conflict for example.


Receive assistance in digesting, assimilating, and embodying all of the energies of your highest capacity, while also processing your feelings, releasing attachments to the past, and truly bringing your mind, body, heart, and soul into fully embodied alignment.

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