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Evolutionary, Egyptian Shamanic, & Medical Astrology

Through the lenses of evolutionary, Egyptian shamanic, and medical astrology, energy coaching, and integrative practices in bodywork, 

Kinan is a trusted guide and facilitator of:

Creating greater meaning & purpose

, feeling greater overall life-path certainty

, smoothly navigating major life transitions

, connecting to divine intelligence

, and embodying greater authenticity, inspiration, & soul alignment

Brand Identities, Logos, & Web Development

Kinan supports entrepreneurs in a variety of niche disciplines including holistic health, medicine, philosophy, psychology, and art launch their small businesses online with branding and web strategies. 

Kinan helps people clarify their messaging and unique voice:

For those looking to share their creative vision to the world without sacrificing integrity and inspiration, an authentic brand identity is invaluable for informing your business needs, marketing, and sales, but even more impactful for clarifying your professional direction.

Sol Coaching

Receive coaching and trauma-informed guidance for living from your heart’s truth with balance, authenticity, and power. Sol–meaning sun/light–alludes to human bio-luminescence or radiance, [re]generative life force, and divinity, cultivated by transforming the dark mystery of the subconscious into alchemical enlightenment.

Sessions draw from the following disciplines, processes, & tools

the Demartini Method, values-driven purpose work, quantum belief rewriting, past-life & inner-child integration, behavioral kinesiology, shamanism & energy healing, kundalini yoga, & herbal medicine.

The Tiger vs Dragon (Yin-Yang) energies are a symbol of the dance between Spirit/Heaven (dragon) and the Matter/Earth (tiger).

In ancient Chinese philosophy, yin & yang represent dualistic reality and remind us that seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world. 

The foundation of Sol coaching rests on this among other natural principles that ancient, indigenous & conscious cultures embrace.


Integrative Energy & Bodywork

Intuitive bodywork & energy work sessions are specifically designed to meet the needs of your current physical, emotional, psychological, & spiritual constitution and aim to work on a multidimensional level of integration, addressing much more than just the physical body.

Kinan combines western, eastern, and subtle energy techniques: 

Deep tissue, shiatsu, Thai yoga massage, advanced injury myotherapy, lymphatic drainage, reiki, craniosacral therapy, Access Bars®, and reflexology to give you a deeply restorative, reconnecting, and integrative therapeutic treatment

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