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Embody the higher potentials of your unique path of individuation and self-actualization. Clarify your dharma and clear karma on the experiential, ancestral, soul, and past life levels through your Tropical & Sidereal Zodiac (zodiac = life path).
Awareness of your Astrological Natal Map supports your integration and embodiment of solar consciousness, your creative life force energy, radiance, creative expression, and core essence. Receive guidance with authentic alignment with your soul’s evolutionary process, spiritual essence, details of your soul blue-print, and the higher frequencies of your soul consciousness. Hone strengths, overcome shadows, and access your potentials of your evolutionary fulfillment.
Learn more about Evolutionary Astrology.
Awaken the gifts and divine frequencies of your unique genetic imprints that shape your human hologram (the codes that weaves your microcosm and macrocosm, i.e. atomic, body, relational, societal, cultural, national, global, & divine consciousness)
Awareness of your Hologenetic Profile and Gene Keys supports your self-illumination process, particularly regarding how you may best activate your prime gifts, open your heart and resolve karma, and create prosperity. Receive guidance with consciously navigating specific shadow frequencies, realizing your potential, and embodying divinity.
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Embody and live your design; honor and embrace your energetic intelligence, alignment, and flow. Discover your energy type, incarnation cross, profile, authority, and more.
Awareness of your Human Design Bodygraph supports an awakening of your sacred design specifically around how you can best run your energy naturally. To live according to your design means you  can optimally enhance your energy, reduce burnout, and honor your strategy and learning style for thriving and expressing your life purpose.
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Psychocartography is a methodology integrating insights into your inner-nature from peak personal experiences, values, the imaginative faculty, and your neuro-physiology to actualize your potential, purpose, and inner genius.
Through “inner mapping” (consciously creating neural connections) through the lens of your values, you can systematically create your most fulfilling life unencumbered by nor swayed by social idealisms i.e. doing something because it is expected of us or trying to please others.

The Imetics methodology, founded in the tribal techniques of Peruvian Amazonia, is “a dependable compass for intentionally navigating and creating with all of your life experiences – past, present, and future” asking fundamental questions such as “Who Am I?”, “Where Do I Belong?”, “What do I want to create?”, and “How can I get my needs met?”.

This methodology highlights your uniqueness, choice within the relational field, navigating trauma creatively, and accessing inner resources through self-knowledge and connecting with the abundance and enchantment of being alive.

Receive guidance with identifying and embodying your inner genius–then creating the neurophysiological transformation that will most effortlessly amplify your heart coherence. This mind-body-heart-spirit mapping catalyzes brain myelination (new neural connections) for holding the embodied physiological wiring necessary for achieving fulfillment in every aspect of your life, unveiling your telos–true aim, purpose, fulfillment, and dharma. 
Learn more about my training at Moments of Awe.
This is support for Heiros Gamos, the inner sacred union and integration of polarity. Clarify your inner and outer masculine and feminine dynamics to more effortlessly dance with Awareness (Masculine/Freedom) and Energy (Feminine/Love) in your relationships. These inner and relational mapping techniques deepen personal and relationship intimacy through clarifying healthy approaches to fulfilling subconsciously unmet needs (expressed as emotional charge and reactions) with healthy, fulfilling responses.
By working with the complementary, interconnected, and interdependent forces of your being, you can transmute the challenges and limitations of projection dynamics in relationships into the gifts and expansions of awakened relating. Receive guidance to more playfully dance with freedom and love and ignite the healing power of your sexual life force energy as it flows from healthy electric and magnetic poles.
Learn more about my foundational training at Holographic Flow.
I have 10 years+ experience developing an unique intuitive approach to healing the body. 
Receive therapeutic healing touch that supports your physiological, energetic, and spiritual integration. Increase regular heart coherence, polish your magnetic field, refine the power of intention, clear your perceptual lens, optimize effects of your resonant energy field, and catalyze greater synchronicity and equanimity.
Training: Shiatsu, Thai, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Advanced Injury Myotherapy, Myofascial, Chinese Meridian Theory, Lymphatic Drainage, Access Bars, Prenatal, Remote Healing, Chakra Balancing & Restructuring
Learn more about my foundational training at DIMS.
A de-identification process incorporating principles of 25 years of experience with the Spiritual Technology of Zivorad M. Slavinski; a consciousness science based on integral theory and intuitive guidance that allows you to return to your inner genius quickly. Rapid Rewire is aimed to go beyond suffering/struggle to transform lower states of consciousness into deep, exalted, high, or spiritual states of consciousness where we have access to our most creative mind.
Incorporates imagery (from psycho-analysis), rational thought (from cognitive behavioral theory), body sensations (from somatic experiencing), and emotions (from humanistic psychology) to powerfully, rapidly create results toward living with greater emotional freedom. This is an emotional relief process that breaks inner conflicts and releases subconscious blocks so we can approach that which we want to create for ourselves.
Designed for
  • integrating emotionally charged content to shed away layers of pain
  • getting unstuck from ego-heavy states and integrating stuck identities
  • rapidly eliminating limiting beliefs or sabotaging patterns
  • dissolving inner conflicts to make suffering completely optional
  • empowerment to reach deeper levels of authenticity and human connection
  • re-union with yourself, expanded awareness, then return to the problem with CHOICE, and to a place of presence
  • dissolving what holds you back to stand in your power
  • clearing the path for effortlessly achieving goals to effortlessly accessing your potential and function at your highest level
  • experiencing self-liberation, empowerment, and aiding the journey of self-actualization

Learn more about the Rapid Rewire Method.

[From Vianna Stibal, creator and founder of the world-renowned meditation technique and spiritual philosophy Theta Healing®…]

The ThetaHealing technique includes a powerful meditation that guides you to the Seventh Plane of Existence where you can connect with The Creator Of All That Is. Through The Creator’s unconditional love, you can reprogram your subconscious thoughts and experience spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

DNA Activation reveals the internal belief systems in yourself and others by connecting to The Creator Of ALL That Is. When you wake up your dormant spiritual DNA, you can change life patterns held in place by core, genetic, historical, and soul beliefs. Replacing your limiting beliefs with positive ones allows you to access your highest potential.

Learn the road map that will guide you to enhance your knowledge of the technique. and understanding the different planes of existence and the knowledge held in each plane. Experience profound spiritual healing and enlightenment when you learn how to clear old resentments, vows, and commitments that hold you back.

Discover our incredible “digging” technique that uncovers the hidden core beliefs that hold you back from living a healthy, positive life. Once identified, the ThetaHealing technique uses unconditional love combined with belief and feeling work to clear the blocks.

Learn More about Theta Healing.

Utilize a world-renown breakthrough technology. The Demartini Method is a systematic pre-determined series of mental questions directed toward the objective of assisting an individual to neutralize and transform polarized emotional feelings into integrated feelings of presence, certainty, gratitude and love.
Developed by the human behavior specialist and polymath, Dr John Demartini, it is the culmination of more than 5 decades of research and studies in numerous disciplines including physics, philosophy, theology, metaphysics, psychology, astronomy, mathematics, neurology and physiology.
It’s a cognitive process that involves balancing your mathematical equations of perceptions through a continuous thinking and writing action which results in driving you from your subcortical brain dominance to your more advanced executive center brain dominance.
Learn More about the Demartini Method.
Drawing from principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Western Herbalism, receive intuitive, holistic health guidance for increasing your vitality with herbal teas, tinctures, remedies, and years of researching health protocols for addressing the optimal health of organs.
Learn more about my training at Herbalism Roots.
Alchemical arts support you to strengthen your bio-energy field to amplify your abundance and capacity to thrive and enjoy spiritual fulfillment. By embracing your inner-transformation, inner-healing, and inner-alchemy, you will increase regular heart coherence and magnetism,  clear your perceptual lens and power of intention, and experience more frequent synchronicity, more regular equanimity, and a deeper capacity for benevolence/generative living.
As you clear samskaras or karmic imprints from experiential, ancestral, past life, and soul karma, you’ll be able to integrate ego, inner-child, shadow, and higher self so that your karmic destiny becomes divine destiny.
Alchemical Arts are strengthened by regular practice in: Raja Yoga, Breathwork (Pranayama, Holotropic, Buteyko, Wim Hoff), Qi Gong, and Meditation (you may inquire about or receive guidance developing these practices in tangent with our time together)

Within sessions you may find greater creative fulfillment by awakening to unconscious evolutionary driving forces of the soul and rewiring subconscious limiting patterns and beliefs

I have dedicated my life to understanding universal principles of spiritual intimacy & transformation through wisdom lineages (Toltec Wisdom, Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, & Yogic Science), human potential sciences (through Dr. John Demartini’s legacy & Rapid Rewire), and spiritual technologies (Evolutionary Astrology, Human Design, and The Gene Keys).

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