sol alchemy

what is sol alchemy?

To the Taoists, achieving embodiment allows for wu wei: spontaneous play–no force or control in life, but allowing what comes in and playing. The purpose of awareness of the soul is for embodiment.
The result of SOL ALCHEMY is integral embodiment: having full sovereignty of your awareness and energy body. The energy body is also known as the soul or subtle body with its layers of our being (physical, astral (emotional), mental, causal, buddhic, atmic, and monadic). In your embodied experience, possibilities are infinite because your energy is openly connected in Cosmic Consciousness.
The union of our 7 main subtle bodies (including the physical) means that energy, life force, chi, or prana can flow freely, unobstructed, naturally creating wholeness, health, and vitality. The process of reuniting these bodies increases longevity, as taught by Taoist Internal Alchemy, Kundalini Yoga, Qi Gong, and Tantra. In the manifest world, this means that lived experience can take on greater bliss, freedom, flow, synchronicity, and abundance.
The elixir of alchemy is embodiment, in which possibilities are created to not just embody and interact fluidly with the earth and greater cosmos, but with each other in energetic/astral union, which allows us to connect and play with more joy because as experience expands beyond the physical and into the multidimensional.
As you increase awareness of your soul or energy bodies, your spiritual energy, life force, chi, or prana can flow freely, unobstructed and naturally create wholeness, healthy, and vitality because you can perceive your own blocks and effectually be your own medical intuitive. To the ancient Taoists, inner alchemy creates immortality which is another way of describing the anti-aging effects of clearing personal, ancestral, past life, and soul karma.
Embodiment is working with life force energy in all of its expression into form. Like water, when our energy is fresh, clean, clear, unencumbered, unobstructed, and flowing, there is union or embodiment. In the simplest terms, this is when mind-body, spirit, and heart are one in harmony. And when you link up with the clarity of why your soul incarnated on this planet, a deep sense of purpose and core stability in your body and into the earth is felt radiantly in your heart.

3 pillars of
sol alchemy


Align with your highest timeline–your true  soul desires and capacity to embody love through through value congruence, energy healing, and neurophysiological change through nervous system upgrades. Embody your nervous system with flow and true abundance, free from inner conflict and energy blocks. Bring clarity to your calling and life conviction; anchor into purpose. 


Contemplate your soul blueprint and abundance template. Trauma-informed personal self-empowerment, self-integration, subconscious rewiring, and transformational guidance. Unlock greater love, presence and intimacy with your dharma and becoming process (individuation) as you navigate important relationships with greater mastery. 

embodied prosperity

Make a quantum leap by honoring your unique prosperity patterns. Embrace your social artistry through upgrading your inner leadership operating system to design and build your dream life with innovation-centered business models, value offer clarity, and brand embodiment to embrace your soul-aligned creative work while making generous income.

authoring a
mythic life story

The depth of self-fulfillment is our divine birth right. This quality of the great myths of our most cherished heroes and heroines reflect the unique lionheart within each of us. We are each our greatest story. We are each purpose itself, and aligning with our soul, unique rhythm, and energy signatures opens a mystical path of co-creating reality with nature’s higher consciousness as the hero or heroine of our lives.

To author the great story of our lives actually means moving more deeply into the nature of our suffering where we courageously embrace and transform the karmic imprints (in our ancestral channels, mother and father lines). To traverse the layers of our true multi-dimensionality allows for new states of awareness, experience, spontaneous play.

As we fundamentally shift our capacities for abundance and flow by working with key energies driving our evolution and fulfillment, we essentially cultivate a more conscious creation-ship with the unseen forces driving our lives (the unconscious), no longer ruled by our shadows, but centered in the power of our mental, emotional, and physical intelligence, creative sovereignty, and spiritual fulfillment.

sol alchemy: holographic healing

As you dance with a life of loving, embracing your unique design, the beauty and intelligence of who you are and what you truly desire unveils itself. As you become intimate with the conscious and unconscious fears, stories, and patterns (of the “not-self”) that may be blocking you, you can more consciously make life choices, active your inner author[ity], and rewire your behavioral patterns to support the fulfillment of what you really want to create in your life.

As the truth of your being is illuminated, change occurs at the quantum & molecular level, transforming your physiology, genetic expression, and your outer world to reflect your inner harmony

Your life’s explicate order (manifestation/ego) syncs coherently with your life’s implicate order (potential/consciousness) harmoniously when you can discern your true nature (wholeness) from polarity (human consciousness).

Making the unconscious conscious (integrating internal conflicts) while taking actions aligned with dharma (individual conduct in conformity of natural laws that order the universe)–particularly with awareness of one’s unique holographic, morphogenetic soul field of core desires driving personal and collective evolution–we can increase life satisfaction, create greater meaning, and experience more regular beauty and awe at life flowing through us.

embody your light

Each moment of struggle can free us or trap us based on habit. Ultimately, struggle can offer an opportunity for you to open your vision to the unconscious hidden forces that motivate all of our relationships (to self, other, and world) so you can transcend suffering and live your most authentic, fulfilling, and meaningful life–you take responsibility as the architect of your life and destiny.

We need struggle. But we don’t need suffering. Habit can give an illusion of security, but real security is a feeling in the cells–a sense of higher purpose. We do not need to know how to get there, but taking initiative is necessary.  Answering to our calling must begin. We must break the habit of fighting a fight that brings us into sadness and depression, and instead fight the greatest fight worth fighting: leaping into the heart to draw joy and shine and light out of us; This is when everything we do serves the joyousness flowing from that heart.

Embodying your light means embodying your radiance and living an un-compromised life: a life in harmony with the truth of your unique, authentic, true self and awareness of the intelligent cosmic energies supporting your vitality. Embodying your light is thriving synergistically with a deeper intimacy with life itself and the life force energy flowing through your being.

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