most likely you are interested in Embodied alchemy because you...

1. are a prosperity pioneer

You know that the new models of prosperity are still forming as the Earth changes, and you want to be at the forefront of pioneering this frontier. You desire genuine resilience. You like to push the boundaries and expand your Self-consciousness. You see life as an adventure, are curious, and are willing to share vulnerably to deepen self-awareness, your capacity for intimacy and a strong sense of purpose, the cornerstones of prosperity.

2. desire deep fulfillment

You are someone who wants to intimately know yourself so your higher purpose spills into all areas of life. You may be comfortable with your life but know that connection and fulfillment on an even deeper level means sharpening your own sword, whether that is your body, mind, love within family, relationship skills, vocational and financial goals, or spiritual life. You are exploring what living with embodied radiance and true prosperity really means.

3. are a leader

You align with your authentic values and lead an on-purpose life so you can thrive magnetically from your capacity for greater creativity, love, and abundance (from inside-out). You are willing to accept, embrace, and transmute shadow patterns, limitations, and blocks because you know that more regular ecstatic joy is the reward for your inner alchemy.

4. are embodying spiritual abundance

You have a fire inside of you for being on a spiritual path and infusing your light into the world of your family, profession, and world at large. You see the importance of the energy behind anything and acknowledge the quantum field connecting and unifying everything. You want to master manifestation. You show up for yourself and are willing to take greater self-responsibility of loving yourself deeply and holding boundaries that allow you to call in your dream life and manifest with greater magnetic power. 

5. are bridging sovereignty with purpose

You know that the price of not choosing your sovereignty and honoring your soul desires is your vitality, sanity, and evolutionary fulfillment. You are willing to pursue a purposeful vocation because you want to feel alive with love in your heart that makes waking up a thrill. 

6. developing greater intuitive awareness

You are aware of the body’s intelligence and continuously explore the messages of your soul through the body’s feedback. You’re curious to develop greater emotional intelligence and resilience because you recognize that emotions connect you to your higher self through intuition. You may be highly sensitive but you recognize this as a strength and courageously continue to show up with an open heart despite the way the world responds to your energy.

5. honor your design / energy type

You’re ready to live your design and honor how your energy expresses uniquely in the world so you can make choices in the highest alignment with your evolutionary fulfillment. You are willing to let go of conditioning and old societal models of how life “should” look like. You want to know and embody the real YOU. You want to amplify your innate gifts and traits so you can be who you truly came here to be.

7. building valuable relationships

You want real intimacy, connection, and devotion in your primary partnership. You know that working on yourself is loving yourself into worthiness to receive what you truly want. You want to call in your divine compliment. You know that the intimacy you crave with your beloved means cultivating the greatest self-love you’ve ever known. And you see that relationships (with all people) are a path to self realization in that they call us in and up to evolve and transform our shadows. You see another as a reflection of you. 

8. are a shadow boxer

You are willing to lean into fear to uncover true desires and expand beyond limitations. You recognize that these limitations are mostly subconscious and require a greater development of self-awareness to uncover, transform, and reprogram. You embrace shadows and weaknesses in order to become a more powerful creator. You embrace the sacred mirror of reality as a guide for self-realization and see the power of a sacred reflection through another.

9. don't settle

As you stretch humbly into wider awareness, greater intuition, and the quantum evolutionary playing ground, you embrace the callings of your higher self, higher purpose, and evolutionary fulfillment. You want to shine as big as you can in the world. You are calling in your greatest authentic expression, aligned tribe, and prosperity through inner alignment, self-love, and higher purpose. You won’t settle for less. 

10. Are embodying creative bliss

You are a freedom seeker, and you recognize that freedom comes with living more intimately with life itself, internally and externally. You love philosophies and bio-hacks that lead you into flow states, and you creatively seek freedom through deeper embodiment. Each day you are becoming a clearer conduit for more creative energy and genius.

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