Coaching is about creating powerful change. It’s about expanding. Coaching is about challenging current perspectives and mental models of reality so that limitations and blocks (consciously & unconsciously known) no longer prevent one from self-actualization.

Coaching is an empowering partnership experience and creative process that is active, present-focused, and visionary. It is a path to awakening where new possibilities emerge.

Coaching is about spending focused time on yourself, your goals, your dreams, your challenges, and your opportunities so you are living your greatest life. Coaching is about honing in on your extraordinary experiences so you can boldly express your genius. It is not about giving advice or telling another what to do, rather empowering them in their own emotional and intuitive mastery where the ego and higher self or spirit integrate harmoniously.

A coach is a teacher sharing philosophical insight with a cultivation of other’s gifts to create a path to higher potential and creation of a desired/destined future.

A coach holds and opens space for possibilities to approach, create, and fulfill.
A coach leads with questions to empower others in their own innate intelligence, guidance, and conclusions.
A coach inspires behavioral change in order to create a greater future.
A coach invites another to go deeper (from a current reality into a deeper, more meaningful reality).

On the emotional level, a coach helps others handle repressed emotions.
On a mental level, a coach helps others work with sets of beliefs (the hidden/unconscious operating system driving behavior) to help reframe personal narratives in order to open up to “the impossible” (new reality) and boost resilience.
On a physical level, a coach helps others increase body awareness to open up faculties of the intelligent feedback system of sensations, feelings, and intuition.
On a spiritual level, a coach helps others with deeper fulfillment by working with one’s true nature, sacred design/dharma, and self-realization.

A coach supports others with building habits to transform their lives with new behaviors

No one needs coaching. We choose coaching. Often, coaching is chosen to accelerate a life process by engaging with a powerful support/challenge partnership to expand some area of life, such as leadership, relationships, spirituality, vocation, etc. and/or develop areas of your character, such as confidence, emotional intelligence, health, life balance, etc., through self-reflections that bring awareness to blindspots, subconscious patterns, and the naturally limited perspective of one mind.

You can choose to explore anything that you wish to create. The list is infinitely big, however, here are some areas you may find more commonly…

  1. The Intelligent Field of Awareness (intuitively following the intelligence of one’s energetic field in the present moment to inform the next step of transformation & growth)
  2. Purpose work + Self-Mastery (clarifying, aligning with, and expressing one’s unique values, genius, and purpose through self-mastery)
  3. Personal Intimacy + the Core-stability of Self-Love (accessing and your true self, opening your heart, human potential, life purpose, expressing genius, sovereignty)
  4. Relationship Intimacy (masculine-feminine polarity, projection dynamics, loving connection of relationships, the relational field, building trust)
  5. Embodiment + Psycho-somatic Practices for Soul Integration (breath-work, energy work, coding and decoding, energy work, and optimizing life force energy)
  6. Prosperity + Magnetism (true inner wealth and abundance created energetically to attract opportunities and harness synchronicity in alignment with one’s higher self)
  • Self-mastery (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually)
  • Holding space for the body where soul communication occurs
  • Processing and rewiring mental patterns to harmonize the nervous system & access potential
  • Emotional mastery (overcoming reactivity and embracing response-ability)
  • Develop a spiritual connection to the higher self where ultimate guidance can be realized
  • Embodiment (unifying mind, body, heart, spirit)
  • Creating greater meaning, consistency, and fulfillment in life
  • Developing greater intimacy with others through self-intimacy
  • Operating with greater choice as freedom and responsibility
  • Overcoming anxiety, stress, & pain, and suffering and embracing joy, wholeness, inspiration, & bliss
  • Integrating fragmented parts of self (from trauma) to create greater wholeness (heal)
  • Clearing limiting ancestral DNA & reprogramming subconscious patterns
  • Creating deep inner peace and trust in life

Essentially, therapy engages with the past and stories related to the past. Consulting involves set a set procedure(s) baed on how you meet your goals in the future. Coaching bridges the gap between the present and the future.

Although conversations will naturally address past events and experiences, the focus of coaching is not on those events and experiences solely, rather on directing focus, energy, and awareness to the possibilities and potential of what can be created now.

While therapy tends to focus on the pain/trauma (in a long-term context), coaching tends to focus on addressing the whole person (in a short-term context).

Kinan is a trauma-informed coach with a holistic perspective on human nature and behavior. At times, it may be necessary to unblock and release energy tied up in the past in order to create more space for a clear vision to come through or to move more effectively beyond a limitation into the desired future. In this way, he provides some guidance, direction, and focus on the conscious and subconscious mind (typically used in therapy), but focuses primarily on utilizing methodologies aimed to empower clients with insight to solve their own problems and take actions with emerging clarity, purpose, a plan, and accountability (typically used in coaching).

Coaching is powerful only as much as the client becomes fully empowered, autonomous, and sovereign with a deeper trust of their inner intuition and intelligence.

Trauma is anything that takes us out of our natural state of being (playfulness, bliss, awe). Trauma-informed coaching happens when the coach understands what trauma is, how it presents, and how to respond.

  • Learning to navigate pain states and emotional experiences (anxiety, depression, etc.)
  • Through tracking the body through body awareness practices
  • Through methodologies that bring understanding to traumatic imprints in the body (i.e. somatic experiencing)
  • Understanding how the psyche, body, emotions, and belief systems connect, form, and work together
  • Working with emotional repression, psychic wounding, and attachment to past experiences

When in play, we can access our natural state of being easily. When play is approached not as a destination or designation, but rather as a perspective or state of mind (individually & collectively), creativity gets stimulated bringing a focus to how we look at things (emphasizing the beauty of the journey and quality of life experience) rather than what we do (which can over-emphasize an outcome or end-result).

Play is where flow states occur. Flow states bring us into an energetic alignment that is magnetic for opportunities that are in our highest alignment and naturally bring about prosperity.

So much can come up in a session (fears, doubts, worries, trauma, inspiration, dreams, epiphanies, insights, clarity), and so much can occur (deep feeling & emotional processing, re-patterning & reprogramming, bringing awareness to blind-spots, inner-child healing, etc.).

And yet, we can think of coaching sessions as mainly about having deep and powerful conversations in a space where presence, honesty, openness, trust, and vulnerability are keys to taking life to the next level. Coaching sessions are meant for challenging any existing world of (known or unknown) limitations and blocks in order to attain greater self-mastery and realize our greatest dreams.

In sessions, you will get uncomfortable (face fears and embrace challenges with honesty), dream bigger (leap beyond gradual change into exponential transformation), and take radical responsibility (courageously hold nothing back and lead into your edge, failing again and again because failure is the pathway to success).

The greatest methodology is no methodology, where the intelligence of one’s energetic system informs everything. And…

With over ten years of meditation, yoga, bodywork, and Astrology, Kinan’s background is deeply rooted in the exploration of subtle energy sciences and embodiment (unifying mind, body, heart, and spirit). He is a trauma-informed coach, having sculpted a unique style from ongoing personal life coaching, exposure to integral approaches to psychotherapy and somatic experiencing, training in masculine-feminine polarity dynamics, tantra, the Pre-Incan & Incan technology of love, Amazonian Psychocartography, psychedelic mediation & therapy, Toltec Wisdom, sacred men’s initiatory work, cutting-edge human potential sciences, Polyvagal and Attachment Theory, and more recent Neo-shamanic energy work in the context of healing the human hologram.

His philosophies are drawn heavily from Richard Rudd, Alan Watts, Sakyong Mipham, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. John Demartini, Ken Wilbur, Don Miguel Ruiz, Christof Melchizedek, B.N.S Iyengar, Deepak Chopra, and Jed McKenna among others. He has received, exchanged, and mentored with practitioners in holistic health modalities, energy work, awakening awareness practices, and alternative medicine since 2011. He has consulted with the I Ching extensively in tangent with his deep study in various branches of Astrology sine 2011 in addition to his more recent explorations in Human Design and the emergent, masterful synthesis, the Gene Keys.

Kinan has traveled extensively around the world bringing unique multi-cultural experiences that inform his style and way of relating. You can learn more about Kinan’s background here. His time developing software & designing websites has contributed deeply to his high-level abstract and critical thinking capacity and draws a unique parallel from software to conscious engineering.

Timeless methodologies, tools, processes, and techniques (even the no-technique method!) are available as part of your sessions in a tailored format to fit your needs including supplemental PDFs, audios and other files, links, and recommended additional learning or contemplation from Kinan’s continual training and education in taking self-mastery to the next level.

Awakening, in the simplest terms, is becoming aware of spiritual life beyond suffering. It is a shift in consciousness in which thinking and awareness separate. In other words, a consciousness emerges beyond the mind’s thinking that allows one to recognize self as the awareness behind thinking. It is a dissolution of illusion of separation from oneness.

For most people awakening is not an event but a process they undergo in which this new awareness is a conscious connection to universal intelligence.

Eckart Toll says, “The initiation of the awakening process is an act of grace. You cannot make it happen nor can you prepare yourself for it or accumulate credits towards it. There isn’t a tidy sequence of logical steps that leads toward it, although the mind would love that. You don’t have to become worthy first. It may come to the sinner before it comes to the saint, but not necessarily,”

And, “Many people who are going through the early stages of the awakening process are no longer certain what their outer purpose is. What drives the world no longer drives them. Seeing the madness of our civilization so clearly, they may feel somewhat alienated from the culture around them. Some feel that they inhabit a no-man’s-land between two worlds. They are no longer run by the ego, yet the arising awareness has not yet become fully integrated into their lives. Inner and outer purpose have not merged.”

Richard Rudd makes note of the sacred wound at the heart of humanity and the reason for all of our suffering. He speaks to this being unlocked by the Gene Keys, pointing to the “Ring of Humanity” that represents archetypal aspects of the human story on our journey to develop a capacity for love and trusting in the authority of the heart. This human story:

1. Wounded from the outset (Gene Key 25)
2. You must do battle with your shadows (Gene Key 38)
3. Overcome the limitations of your mind (Gene Key 17)
4. Surrender your need to control life (Gene Key 21)
5. And find your true self (Gene Key 10)
6. Before you can awaken (Gene Key 51)

Our greatest purpose often arises from our greatest pain. Where there is darkness is great light. In our greatest light, we shine with deep purpose and illuminate the world.

Voids drive values. Values drive fulfillment. Through living aligned with our values, opening our heart, and discovering deeper layers of our soul’s evolutionary journey, purpose is revealed. Purpose is not necessarily what you do. Purpose is who you are. Purpose is tied to self-mastery. In many ways, purpose is self-mastery. 

In aligning with purpose one engages with life’s greatest quest of receiving the innate birthright of expansive joy, abundance, and fulfillment. Connecting to purpose is really not necessarily fulfilling a greater goal, but rather finding a quality of awareness in everything we do in life so that the nobility of your spirit can pervade our entire life.

Embodiment is a process of claiming sovereignty over all bodies or layers of being (mainly physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies, but not excluding other subtle bodies–see below) so that our energy, life force, chi, or prana can flow freely, unobstructed and naturally create wholeness, healthy, and vitality.

In a large sense, embodiment is working with one’s energy or life force in all of its forms and layers. Like water, when our energy is fresh, clean, clear, unencumbered, unobstructed, and flowing, there is union or embodiment. In the simplest terms, this is when head and heart are one. 

The 7 subtle bodies include physical, astral (emotional), mental, causal, buddhic, atmic, and monadic. In the process of reuniting these bodies, our full Divine consciousness can be realized. In the manifest world, this means that lived experience can take on greater bliss, freedom, flow, synchronicity, and prosperity. 

The value of embodiment practices includes becoming present, aware, and willing to inhabit more of our body allows us to feel repressed emotions, so that we can hold more “light” or energy. Embodiment practices support us to awaken and evolve to higher states of consciousness and connect to our higher potential. In other words, enlightenment needs embodiment.

In a way, embodiment practices allow us to interface with the higher self through or various “bodies”. By “completing the past” and allowing any stagnant, repressed, or blocked energy to move, we can become increasingly more present to the possibilities of the present and receive guidance from our higher self (through the feelings and development of intuition).

By freeing up more awareness to the subtle realm of reality in which resonances, synchronicities, and messages occur, an intuitive faculty emerges (as countless artists, sages, yogis, and intuitives have described as “knowing”) that links us to the seeds of creativity and inspiration: the tools of the manifest world that connect us to creative potential or timeless creativity.

Embodiment practices include breath work, yoga, qi gong, bodywork, energy work, exercise, dance, movement, chanting, martial arts, or any other somatic or tantric practices of moving and clearing energy, becoming emotionally resilient, and response-able.

Ego is actually essential to our evolution and deserves to be honored as a necessary part of being human. Ego enables us to bridge the nonphysical with the physical, heaven to earth. As Ken Wilbur has said, “The ego is not an obstruction to Spirit, but a radiant manifestation of Spirit.” Spirit manifests through ego.

In connecting your ego and higher self, you can realize and create a balance and synchronicity of opposites, unifying your being and expressing from greater love. When one’s ego is in appropriate proportion with one’s higher self, ego is secured, integrated, and can be fully, authentically transcended because it is included and accepted.

Embodiment Coaching is about tapping more fully into the vast garden of feeling and e-motion (energy in motion) in the body. It is about opening the energy meridians/channels in the body so that chi/prana/lifeforce energy flows freely, restoring our health, vitality, and sanity.
When you can inhabit your body in the fullest and most authentic way possible, you can access the wisdom inside that is supporting you to make the best choices for you and your life. As you activate more of your full-spectrum authentic self through greater presence, felt love, and clarity that arises from your depth, reality shifts.
On a quantum level, as you become more embodied, you are drawing in completely new experiences and expanding your potential. Essentially, you are creating a fuller capacity for manifesting abundance because more abundant energy can flow through you. In receiving more of yourself and the energy currents streaming into your system, your chakras are able to metabolize energy from the planetary energy field with greater lucidity. You are able to be a clear conduit for universal energy, infinite possibilities, and vital life force that widens your ability to own your unique creative expression.
Embodiment Coaching is about asking powerful questions that illuminate the truth, clarity, and wisdom of inner resources that support your evolutionary fulfillment. An embodiment coach facilitates you getting clarity from your own experience and wisdom so you can create ways of living more consciously and consistently in your body.
Some questions that are addressed in Embodiment Coaching are: Does the focus/center of gravity currently held in your body and through your awareness match your soul desires and intentions? How can your body inform you of how you truly feel in your relationships, environment, and the ways you spend your time/energy? What actions and choices build trust with your body and your decisions?
Areas of focus in this work include breathing, movement, posture, and patterns of attention and intention. There’s a balance between exploring your own embodiment (union of mind-body-heart-spirit) for deep insight into your patterns (yoga) and practical tools you can use with others (tantra).

Neo-shamanism is a practice of bringing higher aspects of self into the physical body through clearings, activations, realizations, insights, ego integration, etc. by communicating through the language of the universe (sound, light, form, frequency, and geometry).

“Neo” pertains to new practices incorporating the western mind. “Shamanism” pertaining to directing of spiritual energy into the physical body, often by altering states of consciousness, such as meditation]. Neo-shamanism is about correcting life to a higher timeline, to higher potential. It is  aligning intention with dharma–life path and life purpose–through a process of bringing DNA templates into a higher frequency of expression.

Neo-shamanism facilitates us to merge the feminine and masculine within, access more of our spiritual intelligence and multidimensional self, realize the highest expression of nature through conscious evolution, cultivating manifesting power with intention aligned to dharma, and harmonize our relationship with source and the interconnected web of all things.

Ascension is a change in spectrum of frequency through kundalini awakening and the change of consciousness from one reality to another. Ascension is a dimensional shift where the possibilities of alignment with divine/true essence and soul purpose are more likely.

Since 2013, we have been receiving a new geometry in which the Source code now streaming into our planet is unified, not separated by frequency bands. Ascension is a process of consciousness unifying as One.

Conditioning is the forgetting of our life scripts and blueprints. We work through our conditioning (parental, societal, cultural, historical, ancestral, etc.) to clarify life path, purpose, dharma.

Through de-conditioning, victim and survivor consciousness of third-dimension often prevails, creating limitations in the way in which we achieve the external reality we want. When the conditions of how we perceive reality can be created are transcended through the infinite possibilities of the fifth dimensional consciousness, flow, abundance, and magnetism to the people and opportunities needed to realize dharma come to fruition.

The process of awakening involves waking up to realize that a consciousness controls your “character” holographic projection of consciousness, that our physical body is not separate from the world or soul, rather soul envelops the physical body, and all of life is interconnected, sharing a unified field of consciousness.

Awakening largely involves de-conditioning, and ultimately involves healing the luminous bio-energy field or human hologram, which is a matrix of microsmic and macrocosmic overlays of consciousness in which we inhabit, each level expressing as a derivative from the core atomic level. At this atomic level of our being, complimentary energies (yin/yang) operate and express through shadow (lower) or siddhic (higher) frequencies.

At the siddhic (fully-awakened) level or exalted state of consciousness, the frequency (vibratory pitch of your attitude) is translated into chemistry (transferred into your DNA and quickly becomes your reality). Ultimately, there is no definitive “how” of getting there, rather simply living according to our true, un-conditioned nature or design that unlocks potential of higher states of consciousness.

For all immediate questions and concerns that arise during coaching sessions, please send a message to Kinan through the Voxer App.

The content of your coaching session stays confidential. Your sessions are built in a safe and sacred container for exploring your fears and aspirations. You are invited to hide nothing, hold nothing back, courageously share vulnerably, and be willing to fail as you take action even when fear is present.

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