Energy & Bodywork:
languages of the soul

Techniques & Philosophies


Deep Tissue
Advanced Injury Myotherapy
Lymphatic Drainage
Trigger Point

Subtle Energy

Craniosacral Therapy
Chakra Balancing
Intuitive Energy work
Emotional Release
Soul Retrieval
Behavioral Kinesiology


Chinese Meridian Theory
Tui Na
Prenatal Thai

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What clients are saying

“I started working with Kinan when I was in so much pain from tendonitis that I couldn’t get through the day without painkillers, icing and wrapping my arms. He was able to work through the tissue and bring me to a place where I was no longer in pain. I still believe he was the only reason I did not have to have surgery. I’ve worked with other body workers and never felt like I got what I needed. Kinan is incredibly intuitive. He understands the mechanics of human anatomy and is able to help the body to heal itself. He has a very peaceful presence and every time I’ve worked with him I leave lighter, more centered. I have had great results and relief from pain. I would absolutely recommend him.”
Kris Foss
Software Engineer
“I reached out to Kinan at a time when I was suffering a deep loss and was also experiencing a great deal of physical pain in my body. He really took the time to understand what I was going through and come up with a customized treatment plan. The results I experienced were quick and long-lasting. His experience and knowledge along with his keen intuition are evident in his work. Whether you have deep work to do or just a “tune up” Kinan is a truly gifted healer and teacher, and I would highly recommend him.”
Jordan White
RN & Clinical Nurse Coordinator
"Working with Kinan is a co-creative experience. He brings in different modalities based on his training and intuition, picking the ones that will serve you best that day. Each session is unique and builds on the one prior. If you’ve ever had issues connecting with your body and you’re ready to dive in, Kinan will help you do so in a safe, thoughtful and supportive way."
Marina Suholutsky
Senior Product Manager at IBM
“Kinan is truly an amazing healer! I have received two healing sessions with him and both times have experienced deep rejuvenation in my body and spirit. He is gifted with a gentle and tender heart that manifests through his healing hands and words. If you’re experiencing physical or mental discomfort or are in need of any healing work at all, I highly recommend Kinan’s wonderful work to soothe you back to health!”
Pneuma Kaeris
Transformational Coach & Healer


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