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embodied prosperity alchemy

Are you called to grow your holistic wellness practice and with an alignment with your soul architecture?

types of offerings


Through soul guidance and coaching, you can claim sovereignty in your bodies or layers of being (mainly physical, emotional, mental & spiritual) so that energy can flow freely and lived experience can take on greater freedom, flow,  synchronicity, bliss, and prosperity. When you inhabit your body in the fullest and most authentic way possible, you can access the wisdom inside that is supporting you to make the best choices for you and your life.

web design + branding

Create an online presence with simple & elegant designs, full developed for launching your business into the world or revamping your current digital real-estate. Design and build a brand that aligns with your true self, incorporating a brand embodiment process with a promise that clearly communicates your essential message, effectively captures the attention of your audience, and coherently unifies your business and marketing strategies 


Experience bespoke healing touch, therapeutic massage, and energy work that integrates techniques for unifying the subtle bodies and opening the energy meridians/channels in the body. Through the body, the language of the soul presents itself. The body truly is divinely intelligent using pain as an intelligent feedback system to inform and communicate our current process of spiritual integration between spirit and the physical body.

soul guidance

Are you ready to embody your sacred power?

1:1 integral Embodiment: spiritual guidance

With a sacred reflection of your essence, rewiring of shadow and unconscious patterns, and well-placed questions that lead to empowerment and personal insight, 1-on-1 Embodiment Coaching facilitates a strengthening of your internal guidance structure so you become the authority of your life, not pushed or pulled by the magnetic poles of other people, ideas, and/or BRULES (bull-shit rules) of cultural conditioning that can operate in the subconscious. This is about you becoming more of you, centered in self-love and empowerment, honoring the beauty of your authentic nature.

In effect, you embrace your inner leader and develop intimacy with the life you most want to live with action steps to actualize it. You hone in on your intuition, the guiding force of your higher self.

This requires courage, love, and a willingness to face fears to overcome them as well as to energetically align with your essential nature where your life force energy, body’s intelligence, masculine/feminine energies, and soul matrix work together to magnetize and create your greatest life fulfillment.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone integrating body autonomy, spiritual fulfillment, personal intimacy, discernment (mind-body harmony), creative expression, inner empowerment, & leadership. This is for those that want to change the way they breathe. This is for those settling for nothing short of true freedom.


Custom tailored packages designed for your needs:
Book a free consultation to design your package.

Ready to dive in?

1 Session (90 minutes): $250

1 Session – Introductory Special (90 minutes): $150

REWIRE: Upgrade Your O.S. Program: $600-808 (monthly or w/ other options)

Monthly Integral Embodiment Coaching packages are designed to offer you full support and guidance to realize your desired outcome.

Includes Coaching via phone or Zoom (weekly sessions), unlimited audio-text support via Telegram app between sessions, emergency reach-out with 24-48 hour response, heart-centered accountability, embodiment practices, soul-mapping tools, & transformational processes to support self-mastery. Embrace the wisdom of your soul essence and innate wisdom.

Are you ready to embody your sacred power?

1:1 inner alignment: explore soul architecture

This is a dedicated alchemical crucible/container for transformation, embrace of dharma, cultivation of innate gifts, and activation of creative potential (using the Astrological Natal Map (a map for living the happiest, most fulfilling, and most successful life path through karmic resolution & evolutionary learning), Hologenetic Profile (a gateway into activating gifts and creating your greatest prosperity), Bodygraph (a guiding model for inhabiting your body with the most optimal use and joyful expression of your energy).

This is about embracing your genetic potential through inner alchemy: leaning into your suffering, pain, and unconscious shadows and walking away with gold, imbibing in bliss, and illuminating the beauty of your being.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone looking for clarity of evolutionary life path, soul contracts, an the inner archetypal landscape–to create greater authorship through empowering life choices aligned with highest potential.


Custom tailored packages designed for your needs:
Book a free consultation to design your package.

1 Session (90 minutes): $333

ALIGN: Live Your Design Program : $1221

Ready to dive in?

Monthly Inner Alchemy Coaching packages are designed for offering you full support and guidance to realize your desired outcome.

Your Natal Map (Astrology), Hologenetic Profile (Gene Keys), and Bodygraph (Human Design) will be integrated into all sessions, providing a much deeper and enrichening experience of embodying your sacred power/essence, living into your true nature/dharma, and alchemizing all in between.

Are you ready to increase your receivership for abundance?

Astrology, money, & sacred design

Money is the ‘chi’ of the material plane. Abundance largely expresses as a divine feminine force (Venus) through an alignment with true values.

Money wounds are connected to our wounds with our mother (Moon), as money is often sought to provide the nurturance, security, or sustenance that we may not have received as children. We often can wish for money to “show up” or be there for us when we need it most.

To allow money to flow more powerfully into our lives, we must embrace a deeper receivership with unconditional love in life–by expanding our capacity to give/receive love unconditionally. This journey of self-love can come with challenges based on the higher purpose that is wishing to emanate from our hearts (Sun). As we align with our true values, live more expansively from this place (inside-out), and embrace the specific challenges of our life that are bringing us into more love, money begins to show up and reflect the value we’ve cultivated within.

To catalyze greater prosperity with money, we must initiate a creative partnership with life in which the actual chi/energy of the material plane can flow through our integrity (Saturn) and beliefs (Jupiter) that pair with action (Mars). We may allow ourselves to grieve the ways in which we have not received nurturance and begin to call forth the Divine Mother & Father within and integrate a higher frequency of embodied love and magnetism.

Who is this for?

If you are ready to align or deepen an alignment with manifesting your higher purpose and expanding your ‘energetic container’ for true prosperity.

Receive a spirit-led transmission specifically focused on your core purpose as it relates to needs, security, resources, values, love language, shared resources, partnerships, contracts, wounds, and your healing path—all of which work together to form your money ‘story’.


1 Session (120 minutes): $500

By rewriting subconscious patterns regarding your sacred wound, self-worth, safety, security, and contracts with others, you will release unconscious material that may be blocking your true dream and unleash higher frequencies of archetypal forces within you, bringing more grace into your life.

committing to your

Powerful transformation requires commitment and is not something that occurs overnight. The necessary inner healing that allows you to experience greater life fulfillment will occur and is happening already through your life unfoldment. The speed at which this occurs is up to you. One session can be highly activating and invaluable, but the truth is that genuine transformation takes time, is organic, and requires devotion, patience, and courage to continually set intentions for your desires to actualize and for the inner alchemy to occur where you can mine the gold and gifts of your sacred wound.

For those intending to more effectively clear and integrate trauma, karma (experiential, ancestral, soul, and past life), and unconscious limiting beliefs it is recommended to invest in a package

Commitment is an act of love and devotion to fully realize the potentials of one’s life path while honoring nature’s rhythm. A flower blossoms in nature’s time with a dynamic and rich combination of the elements. Our soul is no different.

If you’re not sure where to start, explore from a variety of entry points into your “inner alchemy”. If you are unsure what to choose, simply schedule a free consultation to so we can design a customized path to meet your goals. There is no one-size-fits all formula to your desired transformation.

Custom plans are designed for you to receive the support you need while exploring your energetic signatures, karmic destiny, and genetic potential. Services are aimed to support your optimal energetic alignment so that genuine prosperity flows in your life.

Outcomes consist of healing/integrating fragmented aspects of self so that the body, ego, higher self, and shadow integrate. This results in clarity, emotional balance, physical health/vitality, spiritual fulfillment, and deeper capacity for intimacy in relationships.

web design + Branding

Are you launching your creative gifts & offerings online?

soul-aligned website design & brand creation: digital zen

Building a website, logo, brand or other marketing materials can be complex and overwhelming. You shouldn’t stress and worry about how you’re going to reach your clients or sell your services. With KENSHO CREATIVE’s digital media services, you can have a professional AND intelligent “face” to your business. You’ll save time & reduce headaches with creative brand clarity and simple website designs.

For those aligned to leading a life without compromising core values. I support entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives launch their small businesses online. I help people find their voice and reach their audience.​

Who is this for?

This is for conscious entrepreneurs seeking a minimal website design and development service without the headache of doing it themselves.


Website packages vary.

Design Range: $5-10K

Schedule a free consultation for more details.

Schedule a Free Consultation for a free Web Design Strategy and gauge for project fit.

Are you seeking a greater alignment with your business?

Brand embodiment:
personal brand alignment process

Is your creative, entrepreneurial vision landing into greater material fruition? If you’re still tweaking your band alignment, this deep-dive session support you to root into your magnetic power.

Over the course of this 2-hour workshop (with breaks of course!) we’ll uncover the essence/spirit driving your business as well as the psychological profiles of those you are here to serve most deeply (using your Astrological Natal Map & Hologenetic Profile). This clarity supports your marketing endeavors, company brand alignment, and messaging. More importantly, it supports you more deeply rooting in your magnetic power so operate less from shadow frequencies, know how to navigate your primary energetic blocks/patterns, and can more easily embody your light.

Receive guidance clarifying your vision, deepening your project conviction, and aligning to flow states that truly support your business expansion (embodying your “money/energy codes”). The energy you hold on a regular basis determines your business prosperity. Explore your business through the lens of tantra, subtle energy work, sacred reflections, & alignment with a higher purpose through Astrology, Human Design, & the Gene Keys.

Kick off a deep process of Embodying your Brand Ethos.

We’ll integrate aspects of your Astrological Natal Map (Astrology), Hologenetic Profile (Gene Keys), and Bodygraph (Human Design) to hone in on the key energies you are working within your lifetime that inform the higher potentials of your spiritual expression.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone seeking deep brand clarity. This is for those that recognize Brand is You–an extension of your spirit that you catch the attention of others with. This is for those that want to refine the style and frequency of their outward expression of their innermost essence and higher purpose.


2 hour Brand Workshop: $500

I support creative entrepreneurs seeking core-level business synergy.

As people are fed up with the burn-out of “business as usual” that overlooks essential values-based alignment and deeper life fulfillment with the exclusion of spiritual energy dynamics, they may turn to a more tantric approach to pleasure and joy in business through a mindful integration of the authentic unified center of our spiritual essence that is expressed joyfully in our relationships and creative pursuits.

In this workshop, we unveil, honor, and begin integrating the highest expression of one’s spiritual essence in the context of entrepreneurship.

I have a SLIDING SCALE. Please contact me for more information.

intuitive bodywork

Do you want a full nervous system reset?


Through the body, the language of the soul presents itself. The body truly is divinely intelligent, holding the wisdom of the soul. Pain is not a drag nor something to get rid of; it is an intelligent feedback system informing and communicating our current process of spiritual integration. Therapeutic Bodywork treatments aim to re-integrate a flow of energy and nourishment between spirit and the physical body.

If your body is talking through aches, tension, pain, and dis-ease, your soul is attempting to wake you up to something. The body’s cells hold the memory of soul experiences and longings. Soft-tissue reconstruction and reintegration mixed with advanced energy work generates the spacious vitality for you to return to your life’s creative work and meaningful relationships with greater presence and holographic flow.

While bodywork addresses many physical blockages, it’s important to address them in the mental, emotional, spiritual, and subtle bodies. When you free blockages, you allow vast reserves of energy to become available to you.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone in need of an energetic tune-up. I have unique training and experience with mysterious pain, injuries, autio-immune disease, and/or stress.


60/90/120 min session: $100/$150/$200

Techniques span from western & eastern sciences to subtle energy arts.

To invest in a package, pay here. Then, schedule your sessions through this booking portal or via email/text.

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