Transforming Pain through Vibrational Medicine & Healing Touch

“The human body is the best picture of the human soul.” –Ludwig Wittgenstein

Pain. Just mentioning that word can be such a trigger. If you ask most people if they would like to have pain in their life, I doubt you’d get many yes’s. But arguably our pain can be our greatest teacher.
I’d love to share about the value of Bodywork and Healing Touch in not only transforming pain but allowing necessary and invaluable spiritual processes to take place that are not as easily available on our own. Pain can make or break us, and there is much more than “getting rid of it” that is worth mentioning.
I don’t often share about my background as a Bodyworker because I’ve had my eyes and attention focused on expanding my work as a Soul Coach, however, bodywork and somatic-focused perspectives inform my work and my own optimal health.
The power of working with Healing Touch cannot be overstated. Intuitive Bodywork is essentially hands-on Therapeutic Tissue Work paired with Intuitive Energy Work and Soul Work that aims for energetic alignment and spiritual intimacy. Benefits can include processing trauma, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, better sleep, increased mental clarity, and awakening to spiritual experiences, heightened states of awareness, personal insights, epiphanies, and creative inspiration.

I’d like to distinguish my Intuitive Bodywork and Healing Touch from Massage Therapy in the sense that it address the physical body (through deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, and myo-fascial work, among others), but does not treat the physical body only. These Intuitive Bodywork sessions involve the creation of an alchemical container for Soul Work in which the entirety of a person is included.
This “Soul Alchemy” is a means of transmuting our pain, wounds, stress, trauma, and shadows into our bliss, wholeness, resilience, love, and gifts. It’s a refinement of the subtle substances of our being so our “Solar Consciousness” or light may emanate. It is a blend of Wholistic Soul Coaching, Spiritual Alignment, and Energy Healing with touch.
Within Soul Alchemy or Soul Work, there is a potential to clear and integrate experiential, ancestral, past life, and soul karma, and involves intuitive dialogue and medical mediumship to uproot and liberate subconscious blocks that keep our life force energy locked up. Truly understanding this work simply requires an experience of it, however I’ll share some more components that may pique your interest and clarify the importance of shifting the pain paradigm.

Our life force energy is the primary force of our health. Flow of energy/qi/prana is essential because it is like the river that cleans and purifies our body, removing toxins and components of cellular processes that need to be flushed and moved out of organs and our astral/emotional body. This healthy flow of energy allows for the healthy flow of emotions, and a healthy flow of emotions allows our mind to be clearer, more peaceful, and potentially ripe to receive the deeper messages that our soul and higher self, sometimes desperately, wants to communicate to us.
In the most profound moments of my life, I have received access to these messages and insights from my soul field with the help of mentors, guides, and facilitators. Undoubtedly, without the help of those people, I’m not sure where I would be with my pain and ability to manage stress, anxiety, and the underlying “unknown” aspects of my experience that I didn’t know how to make sense of or handle on my own.
The true path of mastery requires we go inside and explore our inner planes courageously allowing, accepting, and embracing discomfort so that awakening and our genius path emerge.

You can imagine the dis-ease we can potentially feel from repressing the “genuine” within us, yet we all can relate to the experience of social, cultural, and societal conditioning and influence. Either way, pain is often the result of our authentic nature being buried by protective layers that helped us survive at one point but in due time have become obsolete in their function, subsequently, covering up the new consciousness that wants to birth forth in us, as us.
Sometimes pain is simply related to physical injury. Sometimes it is deeper, subtler, and persistent, as if it has a mind of its own. It does have a consciousness, and arguably, this consciousness is waking us up … again, to our authentic /true/natural self, core desires, and gifts.
If you haven’t spent an extended period focusing on your body and soul, likely any pain or stress showing up in your life is a mechanism or signpost that’s telling you to slow down and listen more deeply. Slowing down on your own is great, and necessary for longterm fulfillment, but the catalyzing and supportive effects of having a trusted guide are truly invaluable in the initial stages of claiming our health and sanity back.

If left unchecked, stuck emotions like anxiety can snowball and get much more complicated and harder to unroot. You have anxiety, ultimately, because there is an identity (that always has a goal) that is at odds with another identity or aspect of self and its goals. And you have anxiety because underneath of the surface, there is a quality of consciousness that wants to emerge as a gift in your life.
It’s possible to just lean in, feel our stuck emotions and allow them to dissipate, but it’s a hell of a lot easier when it can be facilitated because clarifying and unraveling these conflicting identities requires some skill.
If you resonate with all of this, please leave some comments, or reach out for a phone call and we can talk it through. I offer free consultations that do exactly this, help to see what subconscious aspects are wanting a voice and mapping a plan for deeper integration for a more embodied, joy-filled experience in life.
Happy shadow work soul family. To embody your light, you need your darkness. Darkness only gets dark when left unattended. It’s really just the light wanting to pour forth through us and take us into our next-level soul freedom and evolutionary breakthroughs.

Aside from addressing the physical aspects of the body, my Intuitive Bodywork incorporates energy healing modalities including Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, and Access Bars which all support the proper flow of our kundalini/life-force energy. While Craniosacral work deeply addresses the nervous system and natural healing energy and flow of the cerebrospinal fluid, Reiki addresses the opening of energy centers/chakras, and Access Bars contributes to neurological health.
Actually, research by Dr Jeffrey Fannin et al. discovered that the positive neurological effects of Access Bars therapy are comparable to those enjoyed by trained meditators. And the effects were immediate! These findings were supported by a 2017 scientific publication by Dr Terrie Hope, PhD, DNM, CFMW. A 90-minute Access Bars improved anxiety symptoms by 84.7% and depression symptoms by 82.7% in her research. I can personally vouch for the power of this modality, and it has increasingly become my favorite go-to healing tool for its immediate effects.

My Intuitive Bodywork is not Massage Therapy, although it integrates theories and principles of Massage Therapy as a foundation (including Shiatsu, Thai, Chinese Meridian Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, and Advanced Injury Treatment).
What may you be missing in your life if your massages are only treating the immediate symptoms of pain in your life? How much more joy and pain-free living could be possible if you addressed the root of your pain with liberation-oriented and integrative healing modalities rather than the narrowly-focused symptom-oriented modalities that typically stem from a pharmaceutically-driven profit-based model in allopathic medicine. It’s time we break free into true health and lasting joy in our lives.
Feel free to connect with me for a truly unique experience that additionally incorporates Medical Astrology and you unique Natal Map, Remote Healing, Neo-shamanic techniques for chakra restructuring, Past Life Integration, paradigms from Yogic and Consciousness Science, including Raja Yoga, Integral Theory and Integra Protocol through Rapid Rewiring, and 10 years of developing intuition from experience working intimately with the mind, body and soul.

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