Don’t Worry: Why You’re Not Running Out of Time

Is time what you think it is? Are you running out of it? Or ever replenished by it? Jay Hendricks talks about time in a way that’s helpful and stood out to me…
Two types of time:
1. Newtonian Time
2. Einstein Time
The Newtonian time paradigm: time is based on seconds, minutes, and hours of the day. Time is the master and we are the slave. Time is a persecutor and we are victim. Time is an ever present entity in the back of our minds always there all the time to persecute which is dangerous to our health, business and relationships.
The Newtonian time trap: there is only is a finite amount of time and needs to exactly portioned out to do what we need to do. Same as saying there’s a finite amount of food.

Einstein’s physics and time paradigm: You have power to make as much of it as you want. You’re the boss.
The Einstein time system reorganizes our conception of time; you are time. It generates time. The implications:
1. You get more done in less time
2. More abundant energy and time for your creative activities
3. Discover unique abilities and how to express them
4. You feel good inside
Time and energy are in a constant state of refreshing renewal.
Timeless time is knowing you’re the creator of time. Knowing this allows for flow to come into life more regularly because you’re harnessing quantum potentials. You’re recognizing time is on your side because you are the source of it and can create it at any time 😉

Less stress through the day is relating to time differently.
Embrace this truth: you are where time comes from. The quantum jump is in how you are experiencing “free time”.
The most stress comes from a construed perspective of time: either you feel rushed or bored or that there is never enough time or time on your hands.
Expand time for creative expression and intimate connections by becoming the source of time by making as much of it you want.
No more rushing, time pressure, exhaustion or running out of time.
Acknowledge: “I’m the source of time. I’m where time comes from. Time come from inside you. You are not time’s victim,” says Hendricks.
To generate an abundance of time, ask yourself, “where in my life am I not taking full ownership?” Or “what am I trying to disown?” Or “what aspect of my life do I need to take full ownership of?”
Time is more related to ownership than it is physics.
if you want evidence or a deeper scientific look at time, this was a fascinating article talking about the irrelevance of Newtonian time for physicists here. 

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