3 Powerful Ways to Know Purpose & Desire Life Rather than Death in a Mid-Life Crisis

Do you feel truly free? Do you feel liberated? Do you feel sovereign? Or is life taking on a quality of over-bearing stress where you are running to the next to-do on your list just to stay afloat. Perhaps the power you seek seems to be just on the other side of some action, thought, idea, or reality.
To put it simply, we often overlook the holy grail of life all too easily. We often fail to see the simplicity of life’s fulfillment: an open heart. With an open heart, power becomes a love for self and all beings. With an open heart, there is union: mind and body, spirit and matter, energy and form, God/Divine and man/woman; the true human, embodying heaven and earth.
Life itself can become erotic. Just like sex can become a cosmic experience when just-genital orgasm moves into all-body orgasm, life can become a cosmic experience when we enter into present time with knowing our purpose and giving all of our powers (gifts and creativity) back to life because an emptying of our creative energy creates space for spiritual fusion, divine communion or what the yogi’s call samadhi/ecstasy/bliss.

Why resolve a mid-life crisis? Bliss is the reason. But we cannot get here without knowing our purpose and giving all our gifts.
The elemental fusion with eros is the fusion of our physical body with our kundalini energy/life force energy/power
Our kundalini energy is our power. Kundalini energy = the basic life force = eros = our power.
But if power is not mastered, purpose cannot be known.
If we do not see crisis in a creative context or recognize the signs that life offers for us to receive its gifts, our gifts, and the beauty of sharing them, we can lose a sense of greater meaning and fuel for living.
We can end up depressed, full of anxiety, and overwhelmed in confusion if we do not properly tend to the subtle spiritual processes of our life.
Being inauthentic can cost you your life. Not that we can actually die from living inauthentically in the moment, but I want to make the point that feeling powerless or needing to have power over others is a reflection of not fully integrating the deepest core of self, potentially making us feel dead inside and costing us the deep meaning that each moment potentially can offer.
The good news? New creation cannot emerge without the journey through the dark. Similar to this idea, purpose cannot be known if power is not mastered. So if you are feeling in the dark, you are not alone, many are there with you, and there is a way out. In fact, if you’re weren’t there, you wouldn’t have this incredible opportunity to transform. A caterpillar confuses his end of life moment with the dawn of an evolutionary breakthrough of dynamism and freedom.

Back to power and the dark for a moment. If you cannot feel a sense of power in your life, you are likely stuck in power complexes in which you need to integrate your core self. The pathway?
Power complexes cannot be resolved if you are avoiding the dark side of your life. What is this mysterious dark side? Think about it.
There is light, and there is dark. There is consciousness an there is unconsciousness. The light of your consciousness can transform the dark of your unconsciousness. Herein lies the key to attend to your dark side:
  1. Claim your core self
  2. Playfully create
  3. Enter bliss
The key to the magic here: the subconscious.

Without clearing your subconscious, power remains in its complexity. The old themes resume: powerlessness and needing to “find” power through holding onto, needing to control, and thus keeping ourselves from what we desire. True power is within. It is on the other side of the “hot, juicy, boiling subconscious volcano within” as Barbara Hand Clow mentions. I need to mention her here to pay homage to her work that I’m drawing this synthesis from.
For power, play, and whole-body pleasure to emerge, we need to swim into our depths, and those depths are held in the subconscious. The greatest gift of the deep dive? An open heart. Love. Bliss. Fulfilling Desire, not from ego but from core self.
I keep getting pulled back to a quote from my teacher: “The hardest thing you will ever do is not being yourself.” I just love this quote. An immense amount of resources and energy can go into holding up the “things” in our life that we don’t actually experience as empowering, fulfilling, or in alignment with our honest core.
When we can get in touch with them through radical honesty, curiosity, and compassion, we can take our power back, give our gifts, and enjoy fusional ecstasy.
To live embodying eros–truly desire life over death–we must form intimacy with:
  1. Core Being/Self (our power and the subconscious)
  2. Playing (our gifts and creativity)
  3. Fusing (our bliss and the present)

This my friends is ever-ongoing, yet there are some ways that make the processes easier. Each listed is respective to the 3 above:
  1. Clearing and emptying the subconscious so the light of our true power can fill us (our life force, eros, purpose)
  2. Personal intimacy of our gifts that inspire creativity through contemplative systems like Astrology, Human Design, and the Gene Keys
  3. Fully embodying our aliveness in the present and embracing divine union, unity consciousness, and unconditional love
And it can be done through by building the appropriate inner-structures/patterns/behavior to support your journey, transforming the ones that no longer serve, and in process, purifying your transformed body/bodies (incl. physical, astral/emotional, mental, and spiritual) with the purifying potency of kundalini fire so that all the cells of your body hold the maximum electromagnetic life force/love/eros/power.
As you meet yourself, others, and the world more frequently in your sacred power, your core values express and take form, passion ignites, purpose clarifies, and flow is commonplace.  You can “overcome death”. In a way you can tap into the only anti-aging substance I’ve been able to find: that of an elemental fusion with eros.

Curious for more? Watch out for a 12-week program I’ll be launching January 2023, and in the meantime I’d love to connect. Reach out by text, email, or DM and let’s have a conversation. I’d love to hear more about your life and challenges so we can burn them up into an alchemical fire together and laugh at the end of the process like true pyromaniacs.

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