The Beauty of Liberating Blockages

The liberated human being lives without suffering, where there is a return to the original unobstructed breath and vital life force energy that is a natural healing force. Life will provoke us. We wouldn’t evolve otherwise. Struggle and blockages are certain, but we do not have to suffer. How we come with them when they come is our choice and opportunity for empowerment and awakening to higher energetic frequencies.

Blockages in the flow of our meridians cause physical health issues (emotional blockages). Blockages in our etheric body are rooted in deeper blockages, with subtler issues (blockages that return unless we find the source despite energy healing, yoga, acupuncture, etc.). All long-term health issues are rooted in the subtle bodies. They may be a belief system or unconscious attitude you inherited, some blind spot, or an old pattern still operating subconsciously from past trauma.

When you free blockages, you allow vast reserves of energy to become available to you. The steady, sustained effort of inner work has a reward: freedom. The only problem with blockages is addressing them only at the physical structure. In order to address these issues, we may engage with breathwork, meditation, somatic and subtle energy/emotional awareness, and cultivate intuition as a guiding force for creating lasting transformation in our quantum holographic energy fields.

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