Embracing your Genetic Potential

Are you living your design aligned with your true inner nature?

How does one awaken to their divine architecture through the pathway of uniquely held DNA patterns coded at birth and gestation that represent our path to experience and embody higher states of consciousness?

We each have innate intelligence: soul blueprints, life force signatures, and unique genetic potentials that activate the wisdom of our higher selves. Our genetic potential is our genius. When we live our design–when we embrace that the experiences that life has offered us are connected to a hidden intelligent order–life flows and opportunities abound; an ecstatic element emerges in daily experience. No longer do we fit into a template of parental, social, and societal making, rather we align to nature itself and divine order.

The wisdom of Astrology, The Gene Keys & Human Design broadens and deepens our capacity to align with our innate intelligence through our divine architecture. These transmissions are frameworks for our incarnate experience and catalyze a deeper spiritual embodiment through the embrace of our true nature and genetic potentials while allowing us to see how to de-condition “not-self” programs.

So many of us are flooded with messages and advice about who we should be in order to survive and thrive in this world. Yet we are each a universe onto ourselves. We each have a sacred design that is totally unique to us.

Just like our values, these systems allow us to utilize an effective compass for navigating life with greater meaning. They allow us to recognize the limitations of our mental narratives and stories that can become ingrained as patterns, can block our energy, and contribute to a sense of isolation. They allow us to recognize the potentials of the greater mythic story that wants to play out through our Being connected fully with the emergent field of awareness in the present moment that allows us to be fully embodied and immersed in the fruits of life’s experience. And they do this by specifically pointing to key energetic patterns within our genetic inheritance that either keep us feeling trapped in a program of fear or see the opportunity to liberate into greater love through the gifts of our own wounds. They do this by a means of attuning to the universal currents of energy that emanate from our greater cosmic belonging–the universal heart.

As we awaken to our true nature as love, we awaken to our divine expression–seeing the divinity in our suffering, that our core wound carries the seed for our potential, that wounds and blocks are actually catalysts for self-illumination.

Activate your genetic potential through your Astrological Natal Chart (a map for living the happiest, most fulfilling, and most successful life path through karmic resolution & evolutionary learning), Hologenetic Profile (a gateway into activating gifts and creating the greatest prosperity), Bodygraph (a guiding model for inhabiting our bodies with the most optimal use and joyful expression of our energy).

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