Self-actualization, Dharma, and Claiming your Power​

We are magnetic beings, and we attract to us the very energy we cultivate and grow internally. Life throws us the exact experiences we need to take us to a new quantum field of learning and expansion.
Yet, in claiming our full power, sometimes we play small. We may not claim the full self-directed, on-purpose, empowered, sovereign, authentic, and creative habits that lead us to live the life of our dreams. Thankfully, there are life navigation tools that truly support the journey of self-actualization.
In the process of self-actualization and claiming our true power, freedom and bliss can be experienced more regularly as lived experiences. What exactly are the potentials of this process, and how does dharma fit in?

Symbolic languages and vehicles for conceptualizing spiritual processes, such as Astrology, Human Design, and the Gene Keys imply a process of unfoldment or, as Carl Jung might have said, individuation. These systems are mandalas that “describe” the potentials of our self-actualization process. One definition of a mandala is “a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity”. An astrological birth chart, or natal chart, is a person-centered mandala that implies individuation.

Just as a true mandala is more than a static geometrical figure, so is your soul or self. The symbols in the mandala of these systems can be known as archetypes (primitive/natural energies and/or evolutionary forces) that operate through your subtle energetic field or unconscious. These archetypes or specific consciousness can be viewed through a system’s vehicle: The Natal Map (Astrology), the Bodygraph (Human Design), and the Hologenetic Profile (the Gene Keys). 

The unconscious is said to be the primary mode in which we operate and is accessible through these vehicles that carry message: the symbolic formulation of your dharma (nature or reality)–suggesting how you can best actualize the innate potentialities of our particular and unique Selfhood. 

In life, a stable foundation in which life and relationships can flourish and thrive (to others, yourself, the world, ideas, government, family, etc., e.g. within your human hologram) is built through the intimate connection to the power running through you at the atomic level–your life force energy (i.e. yin/”feminine”)–and the light of your awareness (i.e. yang/”masculine”). 

Knowing dharma is knowing your unique path to power/love/truth. Your power emerges in your union, and union is a “purified gold” created from the alchemy of the subtle energies of the soul that are liberated from a transmutation of denser “substances” of our beliefs, traumatic experiences, and fear. As they are transformed, your power expresses as boundless, expansive, life-giving joy. 

Claiming your true power, in which you can create from a wellspring of “free energy”, and make decisions from a place of inspiration, certainty and joy. This is true freedom. This is flow in life’s evolutionary process. This is joyful purpose where an ecstatic element emerges in daily experience. Life expands. 

As the yogis say, this is ananda (Sanskrit), which means extreme happiness, one of the highest states of being (“the ananda of divine love”). Your bliss. When you align with your design, you can more easily embody our bliss. You can more easily embody Divinity through your authenticity.

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