Making the Unconscious Conscious

A subtle and invisible world exists where energy in its intangible, nonphysical and transpersonal form interconnects, interpenetrates and animates the living world. Energy. Prana. Qi. Whatever you call it, this energy has a sacred design–a divine intelligence that is self-organizing. The disparate, extrinsic disorder of your outer life actually has an apparent, intrinsic intelligence that self-organizes your inner-life. As you bring the light of your awareness to these “unseen” places of your unconscious, your physiology actually transforms, expanding your potential. 

As you make your deep unconscious mind conscious, for example, through your body’s feedback system and working with your bio-energetic signatures, you can more easily harness and unite with the intelligence of the unified field of awareness that is “encouraging” you to embrace greater freedom, love, and abundance in your life.

Unveiling your unconscious allows fears and challenges alchemize into creative fuel, when life clarity and unique gifts emerge–when genius emerges; when genes awaken and activate; when creative potential is tapped into. When you bring the light of your awareness to an unconscious aspect of yourself, your neurophysiology shifts.

When you become more conscious of your unconscious, your innate intelligence more effortlessly guides your life, joy arises for no reason other than being alive and awake to the hidden intelligent order of the universe permeating through you. From that place, you can more fluidly, intelligently align your actions and behaviors with your true values and authentic nature. 

Carl Jung wrote, Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” 

The unconscious mind creates our reality. Fortunately, liberating the unconscious is possible through energy work, intuitive dialogue, body awareness, and advanced processes in human behavioral transformation. 

When the unconscious becomes conscious, a union occurs. We can break out of loops and shadow frequencies more easily. We can step into our dream lives, honor desires behind fears, and cultivate innate gifts that bring a passionate fire to acting powerfully in the directions of our dreams.

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