Following your Bliss & Embodying Ecstasy

Where is the real source of inner expansion as we embrace great inner transformation? Is it the chest area as greater love emerges? Or the belly?

Arguably, it is actually the open belly that that is the real source of inner expansion, and our higher awareness is grounded in our belly.

Arguably, it is actually the open belly that is the real source of inner expansion.

In my time implementing practices from Polyvagal Theory and learning to regulate my nervous system, gradually transforming the subtle layers in which I’m holding tension, tightness, and density in my body, the awareness needed is very much in the torso area, particularly the belly.

The heart is only one place we store programs imprinted by the quantum environment in which we grew up, particularly ages 0-7, but really including all three initial 7-year cycles through age 21. The belly, in many ways, holds the deeper layers of our subconscious blocks, aside from emotional patterns that keep our hearts closed and the mind’s patterns that tend to undermine us.

The belly is a barometer for how much love and life force energy is streaming through us.

According to Richard Rudd, creator of the Gene Keys, bringing our full higher being into the form of our physical bodies actually takes 21 years! And in this process (of incarnation), certain fundamental aspects still hover outside of our form getting caught in shadow frequencies preventing us from fully being in body, from being fully embodied, or fully “in-carnate” or in the flesh.

He states:

“The human body is a junction box of many dimensional fields [of consciousness], the majority of which lie beyond our ordinary senses. There are rippling fields of quantum geometry that continually pulse in and out of our aura. This nexus of dimensional forces is an alchemical crucible for inner transformation.”

We often talk about IQ and EQ, but Rudd introduces us to SQ, our spiritual quotient—the measure of our ability to remain connected to the spiritual heart of life [in which the heart is occupied as our true home]. This is the hearth or home fire burning in the center of our “house”/body.

How do you connect to the spiritual heart of life? How do you tend to your inner hearth? What brings you the euphoric expansion of a flood of love throughout your body?

Rudd: “The human solar plexus system is a highly complex neural net. As the ancients of all cultures have long known, it is the seat of our true power. Alchemically speaking, it is where we transform our emotions and desires. It is where the feminine essence of your astral body is sublimated into its higher counterpart in the Buddhic body—the body of ecstasy.”

If you’re feeling damned up, a feeling of profound isolation can manifest taking the form of depression, anxiety, rage, grief, melancholy, or other intensely uncomfortable feelings. Just remember that you may be on the precipice of a breakthrough of great love, but it requires staying with the wound, allowing a transformation to occur in the natural time it takes as your awareness wraps around it.

This sacred wound exists in all of us. It doesn’t need to be fixed, instead loved and accepted.

Joseph Campbell, a great mythologist, summarizes his life’s work: “Follow your bliss.” Embracing a mythic life (living as the hero or heroine) and following your bliss requires a leap of courage. But this is not the same as following your pleasure. Pleasure can be a distraction from avoiding pain and suffering.

Rudd: “Bliss is rooted in a deep transcendence of your suffering, so to follow your bliss is to move deeper into the nature of your suffering. Your SQ calls you into a great life. It will transform the mundane into the mystical, it will allow you to live as a hero or heroine in the drama of your life.”

If you want someone who will not help you get out of the uncomfortable state you are in, but rather will hold space, sacred reflection, and offer solace and support for this discomfort through your intention to accept, embrace, and transform it, I offer Intuitive Life Coaching and Bodywork sessions for inner alchemy, inner healing, inner mapping, and inner transformation.

I also recommend contemplating the Gene Key of your SQ in your hologenetic profile, which is free through It’s been about a 3 year deep dive journey of contemplation for me regarding this work through each sequence, and the rewards have been well worth the journey. I also provide guidance accelerating this journey for others and clarifying the map to navigate it.

Message me for more info or schedule a 30 min free consultation.

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