Break Through to Inner Resilience

Sometimes, we truly need an emotional cleaning for the health of the body. That’s where rewiring our subconscious comes in. So what’s the difference between transitory change and permanent transformation?

States of consciousness are temporary like the weather. We can feel ecstatic or enter into a profound state for a moment then fall into depression. Why is this?–well, because the integration of an aspect of self did not happen. 

Integration of consciousness is permanent like building a concrete foundation for a home or putting in a stone fireplace for our passionate spiritual energy to burn and remain alive. 

By using a progression of effective leading questions, you can make the unconscious conscious and effectively integrate stuck identities that create inner conflict step-by-step. 

DM me for more information about my protocols resulting in inner transformation and nondual states of consciousness in which integration is real, permanent, and conducive to more regular profound states of consciousness.

From Dr. Alex Lee, a Chiropractor in Sarasota, FL, just the other day:

“Quite the experience working through some mental roadblocks with Kinan. Would HIGHLY recommend his process with helping rewire some subconscious thoughts & emotions. Made a big breakthrough in just one session!”

If you’re wanting more of your conscious, emotionally free, sovereign authentic self to be present in your life, career, relationship, family, etc., let’s talk to see if you are a good fit.

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