Breaking Negative Loops: How to Know when Integration has Occurred

There is a way to know if a limited pattern, block, or belief has been integrated, and there is a gift of integration. Before I share that, let’s talk about what integration even is and explore the contrast between duality and non-duality so you can know how to tell, for sure, that that negative loop that keeps repeating itself is finally over.
I am studying the Gene Keys and while reading a particular section explaining the effects of integration, perhaps unintentionally, but nonetheless revealing the beauty of what happens when our shadow aspects of self wake up from the drama of their fears and embrace a new creative outlet and expression of truth.
I couldn’t help but think of a protocol I’m completing a more comprehensive training in and offering in my Inner Alchemy Sessions called Rapid Rewire.
Transforming subconscious beliefs, emotions, and identities is a natural byproduct of this work/method, and it also has the potential to catalyze non-dual states of consciousness or spiritual experience.

With any inner conflict, there is a stuck identity operating as a particular role with a particular goal that is “at odds” with another identity.
Similarily, within the Gene Keys teaching, there are Gene Keys which are qualities of consciousness or archetypes–motifs in the collective unconscious. Each key has an “opposite” or opposing “Programming Partner”.
I love the correlation with the way this conceptual framework overlays with the concept of opposing identities. Both point to the truth of duality and the interplay of opposites that lead to a union, which allows for an emergent intelligence that transcends its old form and evolves into a new expression.
When personal transformation DOES NOT occur, your shadow or subconscious patterns/identities/gene keys remain in a dance of reinforcing each other, opposing each other, and activating one another, which essentially expresses as inner conflict.

When personal transformation DOES occur, the gifts of each identity/subconscious pattern/gene key emerge. Essentially, a creative force or “genius”, in the form of latent potential if left unconscious, now gets to express because it is made conscious. As they no longer oppose and assimilate or fuse rather, pure consciousness emerges. A non-dual state of consciousness results. This is where the world of bliss/samadhi/divine communion lives. People having this experience often account of how present, whole, and connected they are to their core self and authentic sense of “me”, the true me.
Likely, you will not remain in this place for long, but the rewards are spectacular: you know you have achieved integration because your inner conflict is dissolved.
This segment explains this process eloquently:
From the article (via Richard Rudd):
“Programming Partners — Two Gene Keys that are holographically bonded together through opposition — in other words, they are exact mirror opposites. There are 32 such programming partners within the genetic matrix and each creates a biofeedback loop that reinforces the themes of those Gene Keys at every level of frequency.”

At the Shadow frequency, the programming partners create physical, emotional and mental patterns and complexes that mutually reinforce each other.
As awareness penetrates these patterns and transforms them, they release waves of creative energy at the Gift frequency which in turn are mutually reinforced, leading to a continual raising of one’s evolutionary frequency.
At the Siddhic frequency, the programming partners no longer oppose each other but dawn as pure consciousness, creating a harmonic so pure that it deletes their difference.”
Hence you have it, a signpost of integration.

Integration implies wholeness or non-duality. It implies no fragmentation or duality. In terms of personal consciousness, integration means we’re able to come into greater presence with life because subconscious aspects of self are no longer running a circus behind the scenes essentially playing out a drama of reactive tendencies that reduce our sense of agency and ability to respond in a healthy, balanced way to life.
True integration has to do with permanent change. Without true integration, we may have a preview of the change we are looking for, but we get looped back into a pattern.
With integration, it’s hard to see the original pattern or problem because it’s simply not there anymore. It has been integrated, resolved so to speak, or transformed.

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