The Contemplative Art of Transforming Shadows

The art of transforming shadows and heavier energy from the past and from trauma as easier than you think. Sometimes we think we have to fix or do something about it, but there is a technique that offers a simple way through: contemplation. Contemplation is not forcing anything to change, nor is it completely transcending anything. Rather contemplation is softening and deeply relaxing right into our discomfort. It requires patience, slowing down, and above all a willingness to pause in order for a deepening to occur. This deepening is a process of saturating ourselves with the radiant light of awareness, likened by the sun. This solar awareness is intrinsic to us, yet often we forget it’s power. Like a grandfather, the solar light of our awareness just sits right next to the screaming or over-active, anxious, whatever parts vying for attention and accepts them. Transforming one’s self and life is much more about creating space for change to occur, rather than willing it to do so. When we pause, we invite the mysterious grace of transformation in, Merry setting the stage for it to occur. The warmth of this light is like a sun burning up all the misaligned energies keeping us from a unified experience with nature. There is no pressure or hard work, just a cruise into inner wisdom where breakthroughs happen unbeknownst to our mind’s attempts to control the timing of them. For more details about how to ignite this quality of your awareness, look into your astrological sun sign, position and aspects. For an artful means of approaching your body’s system and energy, look to your Moon. Together, the Sun and Moon dance, weaving one another into a sacred marriage and union, harmonizing polarity, and restoring vitality, increasing our level of radiance. …or just pause, smile, wait, and smile observing with curiosity and without pressure. The gold is waiting to be mined.

“The more you try to force life to flow where you would like it to go, as opposed to where it wants to go, the less efficient you become and the more energy you use.” ― Richard Rudd

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