How to Embrace Spiritual Fulfillment in 2022

Jupiter and Neptune meet each other today in a full conjunction having technically begun 4/9/21 continuing to 4/16/22. During this period, the words that come to me are surrender (Neptune) and experience (Jupiter).

For any planetary transit, there is a window of opportunity, a ripening for particular learning and growth, attunement and embodiment, clearing and integration.

For this transit in Pisces, we’re summoned to the sea! The sea, in this case, is a metaphor for spiritual expression and embodiment. It’s a time to know when to surrender to the wisdom found in the great abyss of stillness of being and when to experience our spiritual energy in the flesh, in the sensory realm of our body-mind in relationship with the world and all of the perspectives in it.

If I was having a dialogue with each, and we were about to go to a party, Neptune says, “In this place of stillness, I can find all that I ever need, true contentment in non attachment, for I am one with all. I am eternal. In this stillness, I can find the true depth of my compassionate heart for all sentient beings. I can embody [cosmic] Love. I can realize true Self. I’m content staying here.”

Jupiter replies, “I see your perspective and embrace new vantage points with jubilance! Yet, that perspective is one of sheer awareness and divine union through pure Being. I’m here for another kind of being. “God” gave us a body, senses, and a burning desire to expand into the world of experience! Let’s go!”

Essentially, the great question of this year (as this will be a theme through the year as they part ways for about 7 months and re-conjoin in November) is, “Where in my life do I need to take a Neptunian stance? AND Where in my life do I need to take a Jupiterian stance?

Where might I need to step forward to experience more of for true fulfillment? (Jupiter)

What might I need to surrender into and release attachment to for true fulfillment? (Neptune)

Wherever this conjunction occurs in your natal chart is an area of life to balance these complimentary archetypes driving us toward spiritual fulfillment. Note the house it shows up in, the natal planets in your chart, and the greater story of your evolutionary path.

And above all, follow the bliss! Just make sure you don’t miss the light of an embodiment of lasting joy, pleasure, contentment, and fulfillment that emerges in the balance of these two energies. It’s the shadow of these two that can get us in trouble:

Jupiter Shadow: drawing in experiences that over-extend, add weight, and overburden life

Neptune Shadow: flying transcendently high with the angels and “light and love” but not coming down to earth for the full experience.

Either way, this conjunction marks a “spiritual graduation” in which our compassionate engagement on an inner and outer level is a remedy for ego deficiencies. And this conjunction is potentially full of ego inflations and grand delusions. For a breakthrough, genuine spiritual affirmations will trigger breakthroughs. For that to happen, you’ll have to see yourself spiritually as you actually are on your evolutionary path.

“Just as overestimating ourselves spiritually separates us from the truth, so does underestimating ourselves.” 

– Steven Forrest

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