Releasing Control and Authoring a Mythic Story

You can shift the storyline of your life. You may say, “Hey, I’m a conscious being with choice! I can definitely change my story.” Or, maybe you feel that it’s not up to you. Rather fate or destiny is just something we surrender to.
Is life based on autonomy or self-determination? Is it free will or fate? In this post, I will do my best to explain the importance of karma and dharma in answering this question.
Dharma is a complex term that’s meaning will take some time to unpack. However, sensing into its profound implication into our personal lives cannot be overstated. Aligning, clarifying, and syncing up with dharma can be one of the most powerful choices you make in your life. But what is dharma and does it reinforce autonomy or negate it?
Before answering this, let’s consider the source of knowledge and intelligence. One thing I’ve been thinking about is the concept of hubris, which can be defined as excessive pride or self-confidence. Usually, hubris comes into play when we think we know better than life itself. 

There is nothing wrong with self-confidence and knowledge, but when arrogance runs its course, it can be dangerous. 

The term arrogance comes from the Latin adrogare, meaning “to feel that one has a right to demand certain attitudes and behaviors from other people”. To arrogate means “to claim or seize without justification… To make undue claims to having”. 

I’d like to extend this idea of demanding attitudes from life’s universal mind and intelligence. If you really think about it, for all the amazing things that have occurred in your life, was it due to your will alone? Was it because you demanded it? Or was there a deeper emergent intelligence informing your reality?

Who am I to orchestrate all that can happen in my life? Personally, it feels arrogant to think that I have that level of control or knowledge.

I have actually worried much in my life. Every time I have worried, I’ve slowly discovered the subtle layer of control actually underlying this worry. It tends to come in when I want things to be different than they are or when I lose a sense of trust that things will work out (often times better than I could have ever imagined).

Might worry actually be a form of hubris? Is it not implying that “I must know better than life’s intelligence?” I do believe worry points to underlaying fears and attachments as well. If we fear something, we can worry. If we are attached to things going a certain way, we can worry about it. What would life look like if we released just a bit more control? What we even do instead? What would we give it up to?

You may be wondering how dharma and karma fits into this, so let’s pivot. In authoring your most mythic story in life, why is it important to recognize the interplay of karma and dharma? And where does control fit into this?

Dharma is Sanskrit for cosmic law underlying correct behavior and cosmic order; the eternal nature of reality. In a sense, it refers to your Supreme or Divine Destiny. Truly, if you want to know the meaning of this word, as with the word karma, you will need to experience them as dynamic processes in your life. Their true meanings will not reveal themselves clearly without a deeper contemplation of your lived reality. Yet, there are tools that can support you see the patterns of the specific aspects of consciousness and energetic signatures playing out in your life such as Astrology, Human Design, and the Gene Keys.

Just like Astrology is mostly a tool to support our conceptual understanding of our personal and collective realities but requires an inner and outer reflection of our lived reality and the living consciousness of life playin out, dharma also requires we reflect deeply into the experiences of our lives.

Unlike dharma, karma is actually in your hands. Dharma is not in your own hands and simply happens. Dharma is a “force of destiny” that you can only surrender to because it is natural law. But there is a distinction here I’d like to make.

YOUR dharma is your relationship to cosmic harmony. Even though life may not be in your hands according to the forces at play by creation or the intent of the world, you can control how you respond to dharma; You can control and have choice in the kind of relationship that you form regarding forces of destiny.

Because karma IS in your hands, your life’s fluidity, ease, and synchronicity depend largely on how you respond to life.
Your choice to respond or react to your life determines your frequency which determines what you attract into your life. We can call this karma. But is everything that comes into your life truly up to you?

In essence, karma is the sum of your actions. And regarding your actions, you have a choice of whether you will respond graciously or reactively. As you overcome the pain, trauma, and deeper lessons around your suffering, your dharma unravels more fluidly. This really boils down to attitude.

One perspective shift or insight I’ve gathered is that our condition, ripe full of struggles, stress, and challenges, allows us to evolve. You don’t have to suffer completely and you don’t need to let suffering all the way in, but in your suffering you can learn, grow, evolve, and come back to an open heart.

So there is some level of control given you can set intentions that determine your actions (control of karma), but until you have surrendered to life’s intention and life’s unfolding mystery, your dharma cannot fully shift its storyline. For the mythic story of your life to emerge, you must contemplate deeply upon what your inner life needs in order to fulfill your purpose.

You can play out the drama of living from the point of view of victim, swayed by the repeating themes of your life and wrapped and trapped into the drama of your life, or you can surrender with a recognition of knowing what you can control.

And the good news is that you can speed up the clearing of your experiential, ancestral, past life, and soul karma. You can physically, emotionally, and mentally spiritual purify and cleanse. You can align with “right relationship”, as is said in Buddhism, with natural law, meaning you can shift your relationship to the nature of reality unfolding in and through you based on a higher universal intelligence creating a musical grand orchestra and vibrational harmony of consciousness.

You may feel the call to this “inner work”, or this inner alchemy as I call it. It involves emotional healing and maturation. It involves stepping into your light and becoming truly inwardly free.

I invite you to imbibe with seeing the beauty of your dharma–your nature or reality or relationship to reality that stems from your natural flow and rhythm.

If you’re craving a deeper sense of spiritual and relational intimacy, personal power, soul-freedom, and connection to your intuition and inner wisdom, keep an eye out for a new program I will be releasing soon to that will stand as a powerful alchemical crucible for navigating the vibrant transformational field and holographic reality of your consciousness. We will dive into keys to awakening and take initiative into your deepest inner calling. This is an experience of connecting to your intuitive gifts and sacred design, communing with your higher self and spirit, and claiming your inner genius.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out via a free consultation to explore any of the above 3 pillars of inner alchemy for personal transformation and self-mastery. Please do share your take on this. What else do you need for greater personal power and life fulfillment? What’s holding you back from living your greatest life? Or even being clear with what you REALLY want in the first place?

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