3 Things you Need for Personal Power & Life Fulfillment

The world floods us with what we need for a greater picture of happiness in life. Often times, as humans, we can naturally tend to seek outside of ourselves for fulfillment. What is the cause of this? And how can we cultivate our innate gifts and wisdom that are latent and just waiting to receive attention?

Before fully answering that, let me share with you the 3 keys to greater life fulfillment that I have gathered from my experience of facing an underlying thread of anxiety I just could not put my finger on for so many years.

In fact, for a long time, I have felt the compound effect of stress, inner-conflict, and overwhelm from not being able to fully move through the one counterforce to stepping into the river and flow of life’s creativity in order to manifest the life I have truly desired: resistance. 

What is resistance you ask? Resistance is that thing that keeps you panicked, in fear, freaking out, or falling into the stories of not having enough time, falling behind, and doubting your ability to create success (in your business, relationships, health, etc.). Resistance usually shows up because somewhere there is an unintegrated aspect of self vying for attention or aiming to achieve a goal subconsciously, and, in its attempt to meet the goal, it conflicts with your primary goal of happiness.

Resistance is actually not your fault, but if you stay in it and allow it to get the best of you, you essentially can give in and in effect give up your dreams. Let me clarify this. Your brain WILL present challenges and danger that doesn’t actually exist. Believe it or not, it is your brain’s job to keep you in fear, which to your brain, is a mechanism for protecting you, for keeping you safe. In keeping you safe, you may perceive challenges that don’t exist, manifesting the resistance to fully realizing your true aims and aspirations.

So how do you break free from resistance? You need to understand what’s really going on so you can release any limited control mechanisms that may keep you in a downward spiral. 

Resistance is almost NEVER about what we think it is. For this reason, over the last 10 years, I have sought and discovered what I believe are 3 things that you need to break free from resistance and step into the creative flow of life. These 3 things have a way of going beyond the resistance of the brain and limited view of ego and the conscious mind while accessing the wisdom and brilliance of the subconscious mind where 90% of our creative power and intelligence truly lies. These 3 things are…


Essentially, you need to tap into the truth of your core essence and soul context to conceptualize your spiritual process more easily. As you step into knowing (beyond ego desires) your soul’s evolutionary desires, you can gain an inspired perspective about what is happening in your karmic story and make sure that your karmic destiny leads you into your supreme destiny (or divine destiny or dharma). 

This is a way to truly see more deeply into your unique path of self-actualization. There are many ways to establish deep personal intimacy, but expanding into the nuanced layers of your soul context requires more sophisticated soul maps or technologies for accessing your inner nature and truth. 

I am an advocate for a combination of Astrology, Human Design, and the Gene Keys. In my formative years of studying with teachers in consciousness sciences and arts, these are my go-to tools for supporting my self-actualization process and ability to thrive. 


You need the spaciousness and fertile ground for your creative mind and genius path to emerge naturally. For the miracle of your inner genius to emerge, you only have to let awakening in. You can do this through cultivating spaciousness, softness, and trust. By emptying the contents of your mind, connecting to your body, clearing your emotional field, and opening to spirit, you can anchor into a sense of effortlessness for accessing your intuition, optimizing health, and shifting from a life full of tension to a life full of bliss. 

Self-integration into wholeness gives rise to ecstatic living. Your wholistic process of integration only requires openness, curiosity, compassion, and radical honesty. 

I recommend the most reliable and powerful modalities you can find that wholistically bridge modern breakthrough sciences, integrative energy healing, and ancient wisdom that supports your deeper shadow work, inner alchemy, and integration–permanent change.


The third thing you need is to access your innate wisdom and unleash your potential. You do this by mastering your intuitive guidance, creatively expressing your true self or inner-genius, and leading a passion-driven, on-purpose life. As life presents challenges, obstacles, and lessons, you know exactly how to navigate with optimal health, prosperity, and flow. 

You can more easily and creatively architect your most fulfilling life because your embodying purpose itself–not something that reveals itself as what you do but rather the quality of consciousness that you bring to everything you do that evolves into increasingly greater states of love, freedom, and abundance. 

If you think about purpose as something that brings you alive and into your most inspired leadership, you can see how embodying purpose implies an ability to architect your most meaningful life because your intrinsic motivation to do so as it its peak/zenith. This is truly the realm of enjoying regular flow states in life–when we can touch the effortless, generative, and highly energetic quality of our essence radiating and ushering in peak experiences.

To return to our original question, you can now see that the cause of seeking outside of ourselves is related to our brain’s natural inclination to keep us “safe”, as an inherent biological imperative for survival. To override this type of “resistance” to growth, which requires we face challenges wholeheartedly and with greater intentionality, inspired action, and inner resilience, we must head into the wilderness of our own inner planes and break ground into our unique creativity, originality, and capacity to lead/design/architect our most fulfilling life.

Difficulties won’t end. Challenge is a part of life. Struggle is a part of it. But how we approach difficulties is a choice. It is possible to creatively embrace and face challenges. It is possible to navigate life with an integrated sense of our infinite nature. Struggle may be part of life, but suffering is not necessarily. 

Choosing a dedicated alchemical crucible/container for transformation, embracing of dharma, cultivating  innate gifts, and activating creative potential can be done through using the Astrological Natal Map (a map for living the happiest, most fulfilling, and most successful life path through karmic resolution & evolutionary learning), Hologenetic Profile (a gateway into activating gifts and creating your greatest prosperity), and the Bodygraph (a guiding model for inhabiting your body with the most optimal use and joyful expression of your energy).

Your deeper life fulfillment even beyond fleeing states of happiness is possible by embracing your genetic potential through inner alchemy: leaning into your suffering, pain, and unconscious shadows and walking away with gold, imbibing in bliss, and illuminating the beauty of your being.

If you’re craving a deeper sense of spiritual and relational intimacy, personal power, soul-freedom, and connection to your intuition and inner wisdom, keep an eye out for a new program I will be releasing soon to that will stand as a powerful alchemical crucible for navigating the vibrant transformational field and holographic reality of your consciousness. We will dive into keys to awakening and take initiative into your deepest inner calling. This is an experience of connecting to your intuitive gifts and sacred design, communing with your higher self and spirit, and claiming your inner genius.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out via a free consultation to explore any of the above 3 pillars of inner alchemy for personal transformation and self-mastery. Please do share your take on this. What else do you need for greater personal power and life fulfillment? What’s holding you back from living your greatest life? Or even being clear with what you REALLY want in the first place?

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