How to Know if You’re Lying to Yourself & How to Re-Align

All too often, people live their lives trying to be somebody they’re not. Then they see failure in themselves rather than recognizing and honoring who they truly are and where the form of their greatest potential already exists.
I have been there. I’ve checked this box. I tried a life out where I spent time chasing ideals not truly aligned with my values. And the reason? It’s largely related to fear. I was afraid of being honest with myself. What if I was really honest? Would I be accepted? What if I wasn’t?
I denied the life I really wanted, the one that lit me up, as a transformational guide, coach, and mentor. I loved and still love studying human behavior, psychology, consciousness, transformation, and what makes us truly happy and joyful.

By saying yes to writing software a few years ago, I was actually lying to myself about what I really wanted. I was afraid I wouldn’t make enough money as a coach, so I closed the door on my real inner freedom.
No matter how much money I made, I wasn’t truly happy because I wasn’t saying yes to what I really wanted.
We all crave the freedom of being our true selves, of being engaged with what we love as much as possible.
We can honor our true, core, authentic self and lay down the habit of expending energy to uphold anything but our own true vision and dream of the life we want.

But we have to make a choice…now. This doesn’t mean quit your job or leave your marriage right now, but it may mean making one small step in that direction today.
It may mean slowing down to listen more deeply. It may be finding the support of others who have been there and receiving guidance.
When we say yes to our core self, the rewards are immeasurable. True freedom can permeate life in a way that simply is not possible when we focus a large portion of time in unfulfilling tasks that do not reflect our true values.
There will be menial tasks involved with any vocation, for example, but the energy, vitality, and inspired creativity available to meet those challenges will be a night and day difference.

And this is the difference of bringing home your inspiration to your family and partner or your drudgery. Which one do you think will contribute to the success of your relationships?
And we wonder why the divorce rate is over 50% in the US. It seems pretty clear to me, and I’m speaking from experience having been divorced because this was a major contributing factor to the quality of energy I had available to experience and share with those I loved.
Deciding to simply say yes to committing to a change or shift toward the things we love instead of playing small in saying yes to the half-full glass version of ourselves is a breakthrough.
If you’re not happy with your life, what’s keeping you from that inner shift to commit to your genuine fulfillment?

If you’re at a loss of how to begin, you may be blocked by the invisible wall or force of your subconscious. Or you may be living with “injected values”–values that are not your own that you “should” be living by, but they’re actually keeping you from aligning with your inspired creativity and genius.
The quality of how you feel is a sign of you “lying to yourself”. This isn’t your fault, it’s just a pattern protecting you and keeping you safe. It’s a learned behavior, and it came from somewhere.
Many times, lying to yourself isn’t conscious. Yet a part of you is keeping you from the truth. Or a part of you knows it consciously but is stuck in the fear of making a choice to re-align.
If you aren’t anchored into the flow of joy in life, likely you need a subconscious edit that will allow you to come back home to yourself, in your most honest, true expression.
What is it that you truly value? I’d love to hear more in the comments here.

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