Episode 34 – Life After Addiction with Matt Sudowski

IN THIS EPISODE: Matt Sudowski, a Recovery and Wellness Expert, discuss the healing powers of Ibogaine, an indole alkaloid with naturally-occurring psychoactive elements that are some of the most powerful found in nature. We discuss Matt’s journey and what led him to this powerful plant medicine and its notoriety for facilitating lasting sobriety by addressing core-level issues, traumas, and unmet needs that have initiated patterns of addiction, distraction, or numbing as opposed to western detox treatment facilities that focus primarily on the physical detoxification of substances. From my personal connection to Matt, I can say this man is paving the way for the future of effective addiction recovery and wellness innovation.
Matt is the founder of the Ibogaine Healing Center. A clinical and spiritual approach to Ibogaine treatment offers a rare opportunity for effective and lasting substance detox, even for those who have struggled with addiction most of their life. He and strategic partners have mastered the craft of administering ibogaine safely medically and the practices, tools and environment to truly reconnect with yourself.
Matt grew up the son of two doctors, and three siblings, two of which were disabled. Love, affection, and stability were not consistencies in his household. His joy is in relating to others, knowing that all stories are unique, and we have all experienced trauma.
At an early age, Matt experienced both emotional, and sexual abuse. This was something that took him years of vulnerability to open up and start talking about. But that’s where the healing began. Throughout his adolescence, Matt suffered from depression and anxiety. After a kidney stone sent him to the hospital when he was 14, he was prescribed opiates for the first time. Unable to talk about his pain, opiates became an easy emotional release.
Opiates took Matt down a very different path. You name it, Matt’s been through it. Incarceration, suicide attempts, hospitalizations for PTSD, relapse after relapse, coming off of methadone cold turkey, losing a parent to cancer, losing friend after friend to overdose. Matt has seen it all. 
Noticing that the cycle of addiction and drug replacement therapy was not healing, Matt realized he had to make significant life changes—or die—and he was able to work a successful program of recovery since. Throughout his stays at rehab Matt always intuitively felt there must be another option to treat addiction—one that actually healed.
After years of exploring various alternative medicine’s and therapies, Matt learned about ibogaine and its anti-addictive properties, and felt drawn to experience it himself. After his first treatment, his depression, anxiety and drug cravings were nonexistent. He felt as though he’d experienced a miracle, and felt like a whole human—who was not dependent on anything—for the first time in decades.
If you’re coming to Ibogaine Healing Center after having tried a lot of other treatment options, he wants to encourage you that it’s time to try one more treatment option. Having been through similar things that you may be going though, he knows that you can do this, and you can heal. He looks forward to supporting you on your journey, however messy, he is here for it. 

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