Episode 26 – Unraveling Suffering through Spiritually-focused Psychotherapy w/ Will Cohn

IN THIS EPISODE: Will and I dig deep into the nature of reality, human suffering, and the importance of self-context and spirituality. As we paint a picture of human suffering through our individual lenses, we share personal experiences, conceptual frameworks, and tools for living a liberated life. Will shares some truly insightful perspectives of the ever-evolving field of psychotherapy and its role for his spiritual path as a mystic. We get to debunk some misconceptions about the limitations of psychotherapy and reposition this powerful field as a genuine means for mastering the mind, body, and spirit.
“During our time together, I will add all my expertise to your quest towards a more peaceful and fulfilling life. As a team, we can untangle the limiting beliefs that keep you trapped in suffering.
I believe in the power of empathic, heart-centered therapy, and in the transformative abilities of mental health services. I know from personal experience, it is not only possible to withstand hardship and trauma, but to thrive in a joyful and meaningful life.
My passion is to lighten the suffering that weighs down on all of us. I’m confident that with dedication and an open mind and heart, we can each heal ourselves. It is my hope to champion you as we walk along a path of compassion, acceptance, and freedom.”

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