Episode 25 – Opening the Heart Chakra to Trusting the Creation and Direction of the Future w/ Elena Radford

IN THIS EPISODE: We share messages about opening the heart space and heart chakra. In this dialogue, we explore the power of self-love and creating with the female energy (space, creation, receiving) and male energy (time, direction, providing). How do you give permission to flow in the energy of creation while aligning with direction? In this call, we focus on the simplicity of trusting the uncertainty of the future through co-creating with our feminine/masculine energies.
In this weekly radio broadcast, Elena Radford and Kinan Whyte join forces to explore the power of heart presence. On the call, you can learn from others who are receiving information that can help them to understand themselves and the value of being present and in the energy of love.
***Guest Call In number at scheduled times: (563) 999-3776******Every Tuesday 11am PST / 12pm MST / 2pm EST***
You can also visit https://www.blogtalkradio.com/thepowerofheartpresence for more information and to listen to previously recorded episodes.
During the call, Elena will be offering healing, channeling, and wisdom through the Inca Way, ancient technology, and art sciences that support you to transform subconscious genetic limitations, make higher choices for your life path and create a better future by shifting the energy of the present.  Elena helps others to see choices that reflect an alignment with one’s higher self and highest potential timeline.
To contact Elena visit: https://theincaway.com/
To book a service with Elena: https://bookeo.com/elenaradford
Call Elena: +1-435-901-9986
Kinan will be offering intuitive soul guidance, through alchemical processes and empowerment. I support others to anchor the divine through authenticity, align with purpose, and cultivate abundance through embodiment practices. My work helps others inhabit their bodies in the fullest, most authentic way possible listening to what wisdom of one’s body and etheric field to guide living into one’s highest potential.
To contact Kinan visit: https://kinanwhyte.com/
To book a service with Kinan: https://bookme.name/kinanwhyte
Call Kinan: +1-808-675-8900

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