Episode 27 – Transmuting Entitlement & Balancing the Mind-Body w/ Elena Radford

IN THIS EPISODE: Elena shares a message about entitlement and breaking free from expectations that can create pain or suffering. She highlights how when suffering is created, we often feel we have to defend it. What does it look like to create intimacy and open communication instead of creating from fear where we may be hiding something? Kinan shares soul embodiment practices that support the integration of trauma and facilitate left/right brain balancing. How do we learn the languages of the body? In this episode, we offer simple ways to return to simplicity, harmony, and groundedness by increasing communication at the subconscious level.
In this radio broadcast, Elena Radford and Kinan Whyte join forces to explore the power of heart presence.
Elena offers wisdom through the Inca Way, ancient technology, and art sciences that support you to transform subconscious genetic limitations, make higher choices for your life path, and create a better future by shifting the energy of the present.
Kinan offers guidance through soul alchemical processes and empowerment. He supports others to anchor the divine through authenticity, align with purpose, and cultivate abundance through embodiment practices.
***Guest Call In number at scheduled times: (563) 999-3776******Every Tuesday 11am PST / 12pm MST / 2pm EST***
To contact Elena visit: https://theincaway.com/
To book a service with Elena: https://bookeo.com/elenaradford
Call Elena: +1-435-901-9986
To contact Kinan visit: https://kinanwhyte.com/
To book a service with Kinan: https://bookme.name/kinanwhyte
Call Kinan: +1-808-675-8900

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