The Mer-ka-ba, Divine Union & The 7 Subtle Bodies

The Merkaba represents the process of evolution (the lower trinity of our physical, astral (emotional), and mental bodies reaching upwards) and involution (the upper trinity of our causal, buddhic, and atmic bodies reaching down into us).

The Merkaba (meaning light-spirit-body | mer-ka-ba) is a medium of ascension (raising vibration) and unifying polarity (masculine/feminine). It is a symbol of spiritual unfolding, and has been used since ancient times, such as in Egypt, having been believed to be a rotating light that carries the human body and spirit from one plane to another (a higher transformational dimension). 

As a nexus, the Merkaba points to the 7 dimensions or subtle bodies that holographically fold up inside each other. Each dimension represents a body of varying frequency of consciousness. The Merkaba connects the divided consciousness of our lower nature (3rd dimensional physicality or the Shadow) and higher nature (5th dimensional spirituality or the Siddhi).

The fundamental divide in our consciousness of these two pairs of trinities (with the 7th enfolding them all) is a soul’s sacred core wound and driving force for embracing higher nature though union of these trinities. The wound is sacred because it points to spiritual intentions that drive karmic experience and evolution through polarity where learning, growth, and self-realization occur.

The true meaning of the Merkaba is actually something only experience can reveal. Yet understanding it allows us to harness it. The Merkaba points to our ability to travel to astral dimensions to connect to a higher consciousness, eternal oneness, and light and is a guiding symbol for wholeness, wisdom, and higher potential.

Our higher potential and prosperity of a life lived full of inspiration, love, and well-being awaits us as we develop a genuine connection to our intuition (the higher self emanating through the heart’s wisdom) and clarify deep soul desires and the longing for spiritual fulfillment.

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