Episode 18 – Activating your Emotional Intelligence with June Syndesi

IN THIS EPISODE: We speak to the role the nervous system, habits, self-expression, effective communication, and neurology play in developing emotional intelligence. How is our health impacted by emotional intelligence? What hidden stressors might you overcome or become aware of to create greater wellness? We dive into the importance of gut instinct, deep listening, embodied awareness, and learning how to shift direction and release limiting patterns effectively to cultivate EQ.


Web: https://syndesiwellness.com/

INSTAGRAM: @junesyndesi

June Syndesi is the Founder of Syndesi Wellness Center. A 2x Nutritionist & Gut Specialist. Trauma and Emotional Relief Counselor. She is currently offering Emotional/Trauma Relief Sessions and Programs, Personalized Nutrition Detox Sessions, and Emotional Eating + Customized Genetic Nutrition Programs.

Her Trauma Counseling Practice has specialized in helping veterans with PTSD, sexual abuse, and religious trauma survivors. Her Nutrition practice helps women with hormone balance including hormonal acne, PCOS and mood swings, weight loss, sinus issues, and more with the results she finds out from lab testing. She is a retreat and festival facilitator and works in corporate America and the UK leading Stress Management workshops and presentations. She has been honored at the United Nations for her work in the United States and New Zealand in Mental Health.

She has worked in inner-city schools in NYC teaching teachers and students, stress management, and brain health education. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Clinical psychology for brain health, PTSD/Trauma, and Somatic therapies for regulating the nervous system. Listen to her podcast where she interviews specialists on mind, body spirit health, and cutting edge human optimization technologies at Syndesi Wellness Podcast, also find her on youtube, Spotify, and Anchor!

She is constantly sharing new health and mindset tips on Her Facebook & Her Instagram (see link above to her website) and would love to connect with you and hear any questions you have for her!

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