Are you on-purpose, aligned with your values and genius?

Activate your genius & purpose workshop

Through the body, the language of the soul presents itself. The body truly is divinely intelligent, holding the wisdom of the soul. Pain is not a drag nor something to get rid of; it is an intelligent feedback system informing and communicating our current process of spiritual integration. Therapeutic Bodywork treatments aim to re-integrate a flow of energy and nourishment between spirit and the physical body.

If your body is talking through aches, tension, pain, and dis-ease, your soul is attempting to wake you up to something. The body’s cells hold the memory of soul experiences and longings. Soft-tissue reconstruction and reintegration mixed with advanced energy work generates the spacious vitality for you to return to your life’s creative work and meaningful relationships with greater presence and holographic flow. ​

Who is this for?

This is for those that are letting go of needing to know purpose and are ready to move into actually living it. This is for those deepening clarity of heart desires and the true driving forces of evolution and and personal fulfillment.


3-hour workshop: $111

Wild Ginger Apothecary in Sarasota, FL on August 29, 2020 (6-9PM)

Are you connected to the brotherhood?

Conscious Men's Alliance Sacred Masculine Circles

This is a men’s group offering practices, teachings, and authentic relating that aims to cultivate greater integrity, purpose, and empowerment in the lives of men through brotherhood. enjoy qi gong, breath work, and reflect on the mature masculine archetypes (king, warrior, magician, lover).

This circle is about cultivating our strengths, gifts, and capacity for love:

  • Conscious brotherhood developing and embodying our potential and honoring and empowering each other
  • A safe container for honoring the sacred masculine and deepening a capacity to honor the sacred feminine
  • Masculine alchemy through the wisdom of brothers coming together in a heart-space
  • A place that creates and encourages transformational practices
  • Calling into question the stories we’ve mistakenly believed about ourselves, manhood, and the world
  • A forge to hone the strength we need to create the kind of life we want to live
  • A place to create positive, life-giving, and healing impacts in our relationships with other men, women, families, and the world
  • For building character, building authenticity, and deepening presence through embodiment practice (breath-work, guided meditation, and/or qi gong) as we are called

Who is this for?

For men strengthening bonds among brothers, facing shadows, and calling up one another to greatness.


Location: Reach out for details

Visit the Conscious Life Meetup Group for more info.

Are you craving intimacy, alignment, & community?

quantum gateway experience

Day 1:

When you understand that there is no one else like you in this world, you start to recognize that your purpose is just as unique. There is no one else in this world that has, nor can fulfill your purpose.

During the first day, we will explore your unique set of values, genius, and entelechy while removing blocks that prevent you from giving the gifts you are designed to give. In the Quantum Collapse Workshop, you will learn how to build empowering relationships from personal alignment. The practical applications of this process help you transform any emotions or challenges, build relationships, align to true inspiration, drive, and certainty, and expand your life fulfillment and potential.

Day 2:

Join this sacred container of self-illumination for cultivating personal and relationship intimacy to begin or continue developing a union of body, mind, heart, and spirit with trained facilitators in shamanic journeying and experienced creators of biochemical environments that promote healing.

In this Intentional Ceremony, you will have the opportunity to discover true belonging, personal sovereignty, and a conscious process of designing your life’s greatest fulfillment and embodiment through art and creativity, music and movement, quiet and solitude, and healing touch.

Who is this for?

You are looking for greater focus and clarity in your life to embody your fullest potential while building relationships, and returning to the true belonging of your heart. You are ready for a breakthrough quantum leap in your spiritual growth.


2-day immersion: $555

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