align with your
Purpose + genius


August 29, 2022 | 6:00 - 9:00pm
Wild Ginger Apothecary
6557 Superior Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34231

In this workshop, you will:

connect with your
vital life force

What would it take to let go of needing to know your purpose and move into actually living it? What will unleash your creative power? How would it feel to experience the vital force that directs you toward self-fulfillment every day? What would it be like to never “work” again? 
In this workshop, Kinan Whyte will lead you to identify, clarify, and live congruently with your highest values, which in turn awakens your genius through emerging leadership qualities. There is no greater love that you can put on this planet than figuring out your purpose and architecting it into form because it is specific to you and no other. 
Your values are unique to individuals like your fingerprints. They are at the foundation of your emotional behavior and make you react positively or negatively to any situation. Knowing your values and experiencing them daily will lead you to nurture a sense of deep fulfillment. 
Expressing your values and heart-space catalyzes being in love with your highest purpose and mission in life. The greater the degree of congruence to your highest values, the greater the leadership, discipline, focus, direction, inspiration, and intrinsic motivation, and outward radiance.

what attendees are saying

"It felt insanely affirming and illuminating to discover my core values in Kinan’s workshop! He guided us to connect together in meditation, and it felt like a safe space. I narrowed my values down to three categories: freedom, creativity, and self-awareness. Honing in on these words that feel like Mine allowed me to admit to myself a big change in my life that I’m most afraid of making. So grateful to have been guided here!"
Kelsey Beth
Artist | painter
"Kinan’s wonderfully interactive workshop allowed me to connect to my values and align them with my life’s purpose. The Result = Free to Be Me."
Romanis Wolter
Culinary Tour Guide

align with your
soul desires

Evolving towards what inspires you and gives you meaning stems from an innate desire for fulfillment. Your values arise from and are therefore determined by your conscious or unconscious voids (what you perceive as most missing). What you perceive as most missing (void) in your life, therefore, becomes what you perceive as most important (value). 
The Science of values–Axiology–is a science that has existed for more than 2,000 years, deepened recently by Dr. John Demartini in the Demartini Values Determination Process that is a globally recognized application for aspiring leaders and people cultivating awareness of innate heart-intelligence. 
You will receive guidance to complete and expand upon the Values Determination Process from a Trained Demartini Method Facilitator, Kinan Whyte, TDMF who combines his background in somatic awareness with intuitive guidance for embodying genius and purpose in daily life. 
Come not to find your purpose but awaken to greater aliveness in your everyday lived experience through greater congruence with your true values and authentic nature. Get ready to work on who you are as it relates to what you love!
Kinan Whyte bring nearly 10 years of studying and living by principles within Axiology (the study of personal value systems) in his life. He’s been incorporating values into the study of embodying genius in tangent with technologies unveiling clients’ sacred blueprint through Human Design, Evolutionary Astrology, and the Gene Keys.
This specific, scientific process of questioning leads clients into congruently aligning with the creative agency within self that births purpose fulfillment. The process leads clients to uncovering fingerprint purpose and supports the initiative of answering to one’s authentic inner-calling in life.
Having felt a deep sense of the absence of essential processes pre-college and adulthood, Kinan has searched for a deeper meaning of intrinsic value and meaning in life’s journey. So many of us are lead into adulthood with a void of genuine fulfillment in life, wondering what we really want to do, but still not knowing well into later life what was causing depression, anxiety, and lack of fulfillment.
Why wait any longer to reinvigorate and clarify a life worth living? Imagine waking up each day knowing in your mind and heart that the life you lead is one you deeply appreciate because your actions and lifestyle match your deepest desires and values. If you desire to unlock your unique genius and architect a plan to realize your dreams, this is the workshop for you.
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