Episode 39 – Quantum Yin – From Depletion and Burnout to Nourishment and Overflow with Jana Carrey

IN THIS EPISODE: I speak with Jana Carrey, a New Paradigm Teacher, Master Intuitive Healer, and an Arcane Wisdom Keeper. We discuss the role of healing, awakened awareness, and shifting paradigms to bring about a greater capacity to thrive in life and business. How do we actually become more generative, nourished, and fully of vitality as we align with sacred purpose and bring out gifts into the world? How can we transform hustle culture and live on the other side of of burnout without sacrificing our achievements? We answer these questions and more as Jana shares her unique wisdom and embodiment from her own healing journey and reconnection to her body and the Earth.
Jana Carrey
Jana Carrey is the Founder of Jana Carrey Healing: Ancient Alchemy for Modern Women® Jana is a New Paradigm Teacher, Master Intuitive Healer, and an Arcane Wisdom Keeper. Her Soul work weaves together a unique combination of channeled intuitive guidance, quantum energy healing, flower essence therapy, transformational mentorship & embodied educational programming.
Jana serves as a pioneering and revolutionary emissary who is here to support the return of Divine Feminine Consciousness fully to Planet Earth. She has a passion for guiding women to heal their relationship to Gaia and with their bodies at a fundamental and functional level.
As a key part of this greater Planetary Awakening, she supports others in crossing the threshold into the New Paradigm by serving as both a Death Doula to the dying ego and a Mystical Midwife to the rebirthing Soul. She loves helping other humans to live from higher, more loving states of consciousness, in a more embodied, easeful, and down-to-earth way.
Jana is the Creatrix of the upcoming Temple of Joy Membership Community that includes New Moon for New Earth® her monthly group healing ceremony where lightworkers from across the globe gather intentionally during the power of the new moons to seed the energies of the New Earth together. She has a rare gift for bringing lightness, laughter, and a rebellious sense of humor into the wild journey known as awakening and ascension.
You can learn more about working, praying, and playing with her at www.janacarrey.com
Instagram & Facebook: @janacarreyhealing.
To learn more about the Nourished Woman Mentorship, go here: https://www.janacarrey.com/the-nourished-woman

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