Episode 36 – Sex & Receptivity as a Portal to Creativity – The Art of Creative Bliss Mini Series Pt. 4

IN THIS EPISODE: We explore perspectives on fulfillment as it changes form through time in the course of our lives. What is truly fulfilling? How do you create from a place of fulfillment? What are levels of fulfillment? Our discussion spans from clarifying values, following the heart, and trusting true desires in the face of external authorities and conditioning to following the leading edge of our creative desires in the present moment. We talk about dissolving layers of the ego to live more fully in the heart and be with what is more presently calling us into our fulfillment. How do we crush the limiting stories of our ego to embrace more of what we truly want? We speak to tools and awareness in the process of creating one’s self over again, of birthing the new and letting go of what no longer serves a purpose and expression of genius.

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