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How do you want to relate?

Are you frequently feeling at odd's with yourself, finding your patterns are limiting your creative potential? Do you want greater fulfillment, but don't know where to start or what is missing?

Finding deeper meaning can be difficult in modern times.

– Proliferation of technology and information-overload can alienate and overwhelm;
– Society does not teach us to be vulnerable and familiarize with the heart space;
– The subconscious is operating behind the scenes, which is tough to see;
– There seems to be just not enough time for a meditation practice
– Mistaken beliefs may be running the show, but how do you pinpoint them?

Kinan's background in navigating liminal space, eliminating mistaken beliefs, reframing relationship dynamics, and seeing the larger perspective can help you overcome these common limitations.

Through years of training and practice in meditation, yoga, somatic psychology, therapeutic energy and bodywork, life coaching, astrology, and experience with psychedelic facilitation in intimate community contexts, Kinan has developed a coaching package that resources from ancient and modern transformational contexts to help you see and live congruently with your most essential and highest self–KENSHO Coaching.

Are you ready to reclaim your empowerment through consciously changing your relationship to your thoughts, feelings, and emotional state?

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What clients are saying

“Working with Kinan in just one session helped me reframe my views on some of my major relationship dynamics. We took very negative and resentful views I had toward another person and shifted them to see the positive from something that is typically seen as negative. I saw how this supposed negative thing has actually served me, the relationship, and many others around the relationship. Shifting my view and all the resentment I held onto allowed me to see the gifts that have actually empowered me. The weight of the negative energy surrounding this relationship has been lifted and I feel lighter. I feel like my mind has been freed from the shame, guilt and resentment story I was telling.”
Harmony Bishop
Commercial Sales Rep
“Kinan’s coaching was thorough and very applicable to my life. He was able to highlight some themes that have been coming up for me and suggest some innovative ways to work with them. His professional, gentle, and compassionate way of coaching made him a pleasure to work with. Kinan is a gifted and intuitive coach!”
Krystel Mairs
Art Therapist
“Connecting with Kinan was truly such a charming experience, and with all the grace in this world, is as much a beautiful and indispensable presence as the greatest star out there, sunshine. Thank you Kinan for your competence in guiding me through some of those challenges, and allowing my transformation to truly continue to unfold. I am grateful.”
Penelope Thompson
Master Herbalist

Learning about your core, motivational, and relational values is essential for leading a confident heart-centered path.

TELOS = Genius

If telos is an ultimate object or aim, discovering your telos is really discovering your purpose. But discovering your purpose isn’t an objective observable truth. Your subjective disposition, propensity, and tendency toward anything determines your purpose, and only you can know it. Your telos is based on what you uniquely value

Values change through time, so your value system is ever-shifting and evolving, however, there are a set of highest values that remain consistent over time and easily overlooked because they are the water to a fish in water–sometimes you are living so closely aligned to your values, you wouldn’t recognize them if someone asked you, and that’s exactly what happened to me the first time someone asked me about them. I had an idea, but wasn’t sure and couldn’t exactly speak to them.

Once I clarified my highest values, I began to live a more inspired life, more intrinsically motivated to overcome challenges in my life and began to see how universally speaking, genius and intelligence correlate to value systems. The more I clarify and deepen how I understand my values over time, the more I see how much more energy and health I have when prioritizing my life by my highest values. Arguably, there is no set of priorities and habits more fulfilling and inspiring than the ones that lead you to what you love and value most.

After you know your values, you can map your life according to those values to live more congruently with your heart and inspired self. The Telos Discovery is a design process for a map to greater fulfillment, one that you can refine over time and grow with. Just as a long journey on the road requires a map, living life intimately with your values requires a map as well.


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Wherever you go, you create a relational field of meaning making based on your value system.

Relationship with Self

You are married to your values. Whether you know it or not, you are unconsciously motivated by your values, are automatically disciplined and focused in feeling them, and are inspired within when aligned to them. 

A stronger connection to your values means a stronger connection to yourself, an ability to claim more personal power and sovereignty, cultivate authenticity, and set boundaries well. The Laws of Reciprocity, Symmetry, and Reflection inform self awareness.

Relationship with Others

When you can clearly define your telos, you can hold a defined direction of living closely connected to your genius. When you know your values you can relate to others in a more caring way (neutral, aligned, feeling full) and less carelessly (injecting values into others in the form of should’s) and carefully (living with should’s or injected values from others).

The vibratory template of your inner feelings (based on your fullness) creates the structure of your DNA. That structure affects matter. Keen awareness of how your feelings actually are creating your reality informs how you are and will relate interpersonally. The Laws of Transparency & Opposites inform relationships.


Relationship with Environment

By having a clear direction in life, you will know what activities to prioritize, how to hold boundaries, and what intentions to hold based on your clearly defined goals (also informed by your value system). When you can create and hold an intention that aligns you with your heart’s truth, you can express and live your human potential and work more harmoniously with the intent of the universe.

Specific psychological processes bond you with or alienate you from nature based on how you connect or disconnect from self, others, and nature. The resonant harmony of the natural world inherently connects you to intelligence. The Laws of Thermodynamics, Harmonic Resonance, and Synchronicity inform your environmental awareness.

Your sense of wholeness in relationship to yourself, & others, and the environment is the barometer of your health.


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