A strong will & imagination are keys to living aligned to your Telos (purpose) & dreaming your ideal life into being. 

What is your biggest WHY?

There is no magic pill, quick fix, or shortcut to discovering the life path that most enlivens you. However, aiming to liberate and free yourself from constrains will only be a hindrance. To experience the life you truly want and uncover a deeper thread of meaning at each moment of becoming, you must not liberate yourself but willingly create yourself. This requires a strengthening of the will.

Without a sense of your greatest WHY, thriving spiritually, socially, familialy, financially, mentally, vocationally, and physically can feel like a huge challenge. But if you discover and begin living from your authentic values, every area of life begins to light up. Health persists. Vitality emerges. A great fountain of youth presents itself in which you can perpetually draw from seemingly out of thin air. My intention is to help you find that [fingerprint-specific genius].

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Relationship is everything. Wherever you go, you create a relational field of meaning making.

Relationship with self

A stronger connection to your self means claiming personal power and sovereignty, cultivating authenticity, and setting boundaries. The Law of Reciprocity, Symmetry, and Reflection inform self awareness.

Relationship with Others

The vibratory template of your inner feelings creates the structure of your DNA. That structure affects matter. Keen awareness of how your feelings actually are creating your reality shows much about how you relate interpersonally. The Laws of Transparency & Opposites inform relationships.

Relationship with Environment

Specific psychological processes bond us with or alienate us from nature based on how we connect or disconnect from self, others, and nature. The resonant harmony of the natural world inherently connects you to intelligence. The Laws of Thermodynamics, Harmonic Resonance, and Synchronicity inform our environmental awareness.

Your sense of wholeness in relationship to yourself, others, and the environment is the barometer of your health.

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