Human potential is an empowered state of congruent thoughts, emotions, & feelings. 

Hybrid Consulting

Human Potential Consulting aims to bring an to your authentic state of gratitude, inspiration, and presence. Each session is tailor-fitted to honor your specific needs, desires, and intention. My philosophy draws largely from meditative and contemplative practices of the East and human potential sciences of the West.

I work with clients wishing to rewire limiting mental programs and behavioral patterns, restructure limiting belief systems, and navigate transitions. Remember that empowering transformation takes patience, commitment, time, and practice over time.There is no quick-fix to patterns that have been in the works over the course of years, if not a person’s whole life.

Ask me about…

  • Telos Discovery
  • Quantum Collapse Process
  • Belief Re-calibration
  • Self-Sabotage Clearing
  • Core-Trauma Healing
  • Shadow Integration
  • Inner-Child Healing
  • Guided Meditation

Human Potential Consulting involves...

- mapping out a blueprint or structure for navigating and embodying an intentional, heart-open, and empowered state of becoming, in which the process of creating your life is smooth, wholesome, and optimal.

- getting clear about what is truly most important to you. It is gaining valuable tools and skills for living with greater clarity, meaning and vitality. It is living stress-free, and emotionally balanced.

- balancing and working with polarities in perception, feeling, emotion. It is energetic empowerment work.  It is navigating the shadow, healing inner-child, reclaiming fragmented parts of the self, & deeply surrendering to your higher self. 

- about customizing a path to greater life satisfaction, fulfillment, and using that map to navigate your life confidently with a sense of inner security by intentionally creating from your relational field.

Transformation is conscious change.

Living Stress-Free

True transformation is a the conscious, intentional embrace of change, a journey of discovery, and way of replacing outdated, limited patterns with enlivened, creative energy. Stress-free states occur more often as a result of addressing the core desires of your higher self, listening to your body’s intelligence, and implementing tools to navigate through any obstacles that might block an alignment of body, heart, mind, & spirit.


Your relational field is the means in which you relate and connect to self, others, and your environment. Being open to what emerges at each moment is critical. Let’s explore possibilities and practical paths to discovering your gifts, removing blocks, & deepening relationships.


Consciousness is applied awareness. By becoming attuned to what’s present in your experiences, we can make choices together based on the most immediately impactful path to wholeness. We’ll explore pathways to authenticity, purpose, & conscious living.


Receive assistance in digesting, assimilating, and embodying all of the energies of your highest capacity, while also processing your feelings, releasing attachments to the past, and truly bringing your mind, body, heart, and soul into fully embodied alignment.

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